General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 82

Ep. #12861

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A.J. asks Elizabeth why the early visit and asks what's going on. Britt and Nikolas have an intimate chat. Carly goes to Sonny asking him to stop Morgan and Kiki's wedding. Silas talks with Kiki saying there was a mistake in her records, but Ava steps in telling her that she is needed at a meeting. Tracy gloats while she waves Franco's proxy in A.J.'s face. Alice slips to Silas who finds out that Kiki is older then Ava said she was, and Silas instructs Morgan to tell her the truth. Felix steps in after Michael leaves asking if the baby Britt is carrying is Patrick's, Brad says the person to tell is Britt's mother. Connie tells Sonny that she may lose her magazine. Diane tells Tracy that the votes are tallied and A.J. remains in control of E.L.Q. Carly sees that Patrick is coming out of surgery. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt that her life is about to go up in smoke.

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