General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 86

Ep. #12865

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Morgan tells Michael to prove he's happy for him by being his best man at the wedding. Carly tells Sonny that Kiki doesn't love Morgan and is hung up on Michael. Silas tells Sam that Franco is no longer a viable donor for Danny, and will explore other options. Anna tells Dante that Mayor Lomax wants an arrest in the attempt on Franco's life. Connie informs Derek that she still has a week to deliver a hot story to the newspaper. Silas finds Kiki's DNA sample and performs a test to see if Ava lied to him. Derek's mysterious partner arrives which turns out to be Ava who then calls him by his given name Julian. Connie wishes she could help Michael, but it would mean breaking her promise to Sonny. Duke tells Anna about his concerns about Ava possibly being a member of the family that killed their unborn child.

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