General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 93

Ep. #12872

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Duke tells Anna he maybe out of a job courtesy of Ava. Dr. Obrecht vows to put an end to Faison's love for Anna by killing her. Luke discovers that Sean has the same symptoms as him. Ava admits to Silas that it's true that he is Kiki's father. Dante and Lulu attend the lamaze class with Maxie. Morgan reveals to a shocked Michael he and Kiki are married, he figures out something and Kiki asks him if he knew the entire time that Franco wasn't her father, but he spins it around. Spinelli tells Felix that's he dug up some information on Britt's mother and that she did some experiments on live patients. Luke and Sean offer to work together to find the cure from Jerry. Britt tells Patrick there's something she needs to tell him. Dr. Obrecht dons a wig and hopes to eliminate Anna.

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