General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 94

Ep. #12873

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Britt almost tells Patrick about the baby, when she starts experiencing some sharp pains. Sabrina calls Patrick wanting to know what's keeping him. Lucy tells Kevin the reason their not best man and maid of honor at the wedding cause she feels he is not reliable. Maxie serenades Mac and Felicia to kick off their pre-wedding party. Dr. Obrecht waits and laces Anna's drink with poison. Dante and Lulu hit stage and perform some karaoke. Duke begins to feel a bit woozy after having some champagne, and goes outside to get some fresh air. Britt reveals to Patrick she faked her illness and asks if there's anything else she wants to tell him. Dr. Obrecht quietly slips out after seeing Anna talking with Lucy. Britt starts to think that this thing with Patrick could work. Anna discovers Duke unconscious outside.

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