General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 95

Ep. #12874

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Patrick tells Anna that an near overdose of a sedative was found in Duke's bloodstream. Ava and Derek if they didn't cause Duke to collapse then who did. Sabrina breaks the news to Emma that with Duke sick Felicia and Mac won't be getting married today. Felicia tells Maxie the wedding will be postponed, until Duke is feeling better. Spinelli tells Felix he'll uncover of Britt's mother. Patrick tells Anna that Duke's vitals are improving and should be waking up soon. Dante goes to question Ava if she's a member of the infamous Jerome crime family. Lulu is confused when Maxie brings up the name Georgie for the baby. Britt finds a vial in her mother's purse and asks her what it is. Duke tells Anna the person who drugged him was Dr. Obrecht and she's in Port Charles.

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