General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 97

Ep. #12876

Full Episode: Ep. #12876


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Richard Simmoms arrives interrupting Felicia and Mac's wedding, leaving Lucy very irate. Connie tells Kevin she feels she's destroyed her relationship with Sonny. Dante and Anna tell Britt that he mother is a wanted criminal that kept Duke hostage. Sonny tells Olivia he may have saved Connie from A.J., but nothing has changed. Luke greets Dr. Obrecht and that she perfected a cure for both Faison and Jerry Jacks. Lucy accepts Richard's apology, and the wedding is resumed. Anna has Dante arrest Britt after lying to her about seeing her mother. Luke tells Holly to watch Dr. Obrecht while he goes in search of Jerry. Maxie tells Lulu that he water just broke.

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