General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 98

Ep. #12877

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Ellie arrives apologizes to Spinelli for being late for the wedding. Maxie tells Lulu she isn't kidding, and she is officially in labor. Dr. Obrecht tells Holly she will have Robert woken up and she'll have all the answers. Tracy tells A.J. to enjoy the time in her office cause it'll be his last. Anna interrogates Britt, Dante gets a message from Lulu saying it's an emergency. Connie asks Sonny if he prefers to be with Olivia instead of her. Laura tells Luke that Jerry is the one that tied her up, they go to find Holly but find her passed out on the floor. A.J. storms off after he sees Elizabeth and Nikolas together, but she goes after him. Ellie tells Spinelli to go to the hospital so he can be there for Maxie. Nikolas visits Britt in jail. A.J. goes to the Floating Rib to drown his sorrows. Dr. Chu tells Lulu and Dante there's a problem.

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