General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 100

Ep. #12879

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Luke and Laura arrive at the hospital and Sonny says there's complication with the baby. Michael tells Carly he needs to find A.J. before he does something stupid. A.J. tells Elizabeth if she cares so much then why did he see her in Nikolas' arms. Ava tells Kiki that everything to protect her family, and is surprised that Kiki and Morgan are married. Maxie is about to confess to Spinelli, the doctor says she has to get the baby out right away. Tracy opens up to Connie saying to go and fight for Sonny. Carly tries to persuade Morgan to tell Kiki the truth. Luke asks Sonny to watch over Lulu and the baby after he's gone. Elizabeth slaps A.J. after he says Jake would still be alive if she had watched him. Dante goes and tells the family that the baby is born. Kiki goes back in to see Franco and sees he's not in his hospital room. A.J. goes into the safe and takes out a gun. Maxie crashes shortly after giving birth.moreless
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