General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 101

Ep. #12880


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Maxie has an out of body experience seeing herself on the operating table. Connie overhears Derek, asking him who is Julian, he covers by saying it's an artist that Ava is working with. Spinelli tells Ellie that before going into the O.R., Maxie was going to tell him. A.J. visualizes Michael and Sonny in front of him telling to go ahead a kill himself. Georgie guides Maxie through the hospital, visiting the people that care about her. Ellie gives Sam news that a match was found for Danny. Lulu tells Luke she had faith that he would arrive in time to see his grandchild. Michael finds out and tells Elizabeth that A.J. took a cab back to the Quartermaine mansion. Connie comes to the realization that Derek is Julian Jerome, and calls to tell Sonny, but is interrupted by someone. Ellie tells Spinelli the baby that Maxie gave birth to is his not Dante and Lulu's.moreless
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