General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 104

Ep. #12883

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Carly calls Michael saying she had no luck in locating A.J. Kiki and Morgan do their best to try and locate Franco. Michael tells Dante there's no way that A.J. would go out and kill Connie. Lulu tells Spinelli that Maxie had a health scare, and hallucinated that the baby was hers. Olivia loses it after seeing Connie on the floor and hopes A.J. gets his. Sonny tells A.J. to confess, and he'll let him die slowly. Ellie goes to Spinelli and insists on allowing him to hear what she has to say. Michael begs Sonny to not kill A.J., if he does then he's no longer his son. Carly finds Franco and asks him to prove that he's changed by coming with her.

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