General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 106

Ep. #12885


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Maxie has a brief dream of holding her daughter, but Lulu comes in takes her away. Ellie tells Sabrina she told Spinelli and awful lie and he refuses to forgive her. Molly and Rafe thank Derek for donating his bone marrow to Danny, and to go in and see him. Britt tells Patrick that she was unaware that her mother put both Robert and Duke in a coma. Mac tells Maxie that last night she referred to Lulu's baby as her own and Spinelli's. Lulu asks Nikolas why would he even consider helping Britt after all that she's done. Derek contemplates telling Sam that he is her father. Britt refuses Patrick's request for full custody, and admits that it's not his son. Mac and Spinelli find Maxie missing from her hospital room.

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