General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 108

Ep. #12887

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Felix goes to Brad hoping to get some answers regarding Britt. Silas says everything is a god for Derek to donate his bone marrow to Danny. Morgan finds a gun on the Quartermaine grounds. Michael tells Anna he doesn't think A.J. is the one that killed Connie. Dante and Lulu tells Spinelli they know that Maxie almost breastfed their child. Alexis sees Derek and Sam in an embrace. Spinelli tells Maxie being away from their daughter is how it has to be from now on. Brad and Felix start to get close, but Patrick arrives and punches him. Morgan lashes at Kiki for going to see Michael, and reminds her that she is his wife. Anna places A.J. under arrest for Connie's murder when his prints are found on the gun. Sam kisses Silas after thanking him for all that he's done.

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