General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 110

Ep. #12889


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A.J. is glad that Michael is here to support him, but he's going to plead guilty. Morgan tells Kiki that he is unable to locate his father. Olivia asks Dante they need to find Sonny before it's too late. Franco tells Carly he's being released from the hospital to go right to prison. Felix tells Sabrina he found out the truth, as he was about to kiss him. Diane goes to Brad for what they discussed. Michael calls Elizabeth arrives at the courthouse, and A.J. decides to plead not guilty. Nikolas tells Britt that if Brad doesn't man up and provide for his son, then he'll go and talk to him. Morgan doesn't like the idea of Michael helping in the search for Sonny. Brad tells Felix he wasn't lying when he said he had feelings for him. Sabrina goes to visit Britt who starts to feel pains. Diane shows the judge the tumor taken from Franco as the reason for the things he's done.

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