General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 127

Ep. #12906


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Jerry tells Luke it's clearly here looking for the cure for the polonium poisoning. Maxie tells Spinelli how Brad knows about their daughter. Anna tells Patrick that why is he still wearing his wedding ring, cause he's with Sabrina now. Felix tells Sabrina that her ex-boyfriend tracked her down at Patrick's and planted a kiss on her. Britt tells her mother to leave before she calls the police. Brad reveals the baby isn't Dante and Lulu's, but Maxie and Spinelli's. Sabrina begins to question her relationship with Patrick. Lulu looks back at some moments, and realizes that the baby is Maxie's. Nikolas comes home to find Britt unconscious on the floor. Jerry checks on the doctor who turns out to be Robin asking if there's any progress.

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