General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 136

Ep. #12915

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Robin presents to Jerry his cure, and to hold his end of the bargain by letting him go. Dr. Obrecht tells Faison she is here to tell him about their grandchild and to reunite their family. Tracy keeps a watchful eye on Luke who in return tells her that he loves her. Duke tells Olivia there's no way Anna would stoop so low as to kiss a man she despises. Anna tries to figure out who went in to visit with Faison. Sabrina sees Patrick holding tickets to Paris, and says he got them for him and Robin. Jerry takes the cure to test it on Luke, but Tracy pulls a gun on him saying to hand it over. Britt reveals to Nikolas that she took Ben to see her father Faison. Anna comes face-to-face with Dr. Obrecht who is wearing her face. Robin finds a cellphone and uses it to make a call to Patrick.

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