General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 142

Ep. #12921

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Robert and Anna infiltrate the house and come across an unconscious Dr. Obrecht. Maxie explains to Spinelli that Diane has a plan to get their baby back. Britt tells Faison and says that Ben isn't her biological son. Sabrina is thrown by Patrick's sudden marriage proposal, and asks what brought it on. Alexis tells Lulu she would have to prove that Maxie is an unfit mother, in order to get custody of Connie. Dr. Obrecht tells Anna she will tell her everything she needs to know. Robin tells and unconsious Dr. Obrecht it's over and she's finally going home. Anna and Robert search the lab, and discover was there and not to long ago. Nikolas orders Faison to let go of Britt or else he'll kill him.

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