General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 148

Ep. #12927


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Sonny tells Olivia he needs to eliminate Julian, before he can make his move. Delia admits to Silas and Sam she is Ava's mother and explained her who her father was and how he made his money. Maxie is surprised that Spinelli assembled a crib for the baby. Kiki is thrilled when Michael says Sonny left him the restaurant. Alexis tells Lulu the judge turned down Maxie's court and a custody suit will take place. Julian tells Ava that Alexis had someone's DNA tested to prove he was Sam's father, but doesn't know who. Diane tells Maxie that Alexis will fight to get Dante and Lulu custody of Connie. Delia asks Silas to send her another pic of Kiki and to see if she wants to visit her grandmother. Julian tells Morgan if he's willing to go after his own father. Maxie confronts Lulu over her petition to have her declared unfit.

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