General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 182

Ep. #12961

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Molly overhears Julian tell Alexis that if Carlos dies it will be by Shawn's hand. Lulu tells Luke and Bobbie she and Dante are gonna try for another baby, but discovered they're embryos are missing. Sonny asks Duke is he's having second thoughts. Dr. Obrecht tells Dante there's something he needs to know, but is interrupted by Britt's arrival. Julian asks Alexis to tell him who Lucas is. Lulu visits Nikolas and spends some time with Ben. Shawn tells Sonny they're good to go after discovering Carlos has no connection to Lily whatsoever. T.J. tells Molly to go back home, he then enters the warehouse and finds Carlos. Brad lies to Dante and Lulu by saying the embryos were destroyed.

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