General Hospital

Season 51 Episode 185

Ep. #12964

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Dr. Obrecht asks Sonny if he's taking the wrap for something someone else did. Dante and Lulu celebrate their two year wedding anniversary. Robin asks Patrick how Sabrina took the news about breaking it off with her. A.J. tells Michael just cause he got off on reasonable doubt doesn't mean he didn't kill Connie. Carlos tells Sabrina if she turns him the person who shot him will finish the job. Olivia doesn't believe for a second that Sonny shot Max. Ava brings presents over for Kiki, but she and Michael leave after learning about Max. Britt offers to get the process rolling for Lulu and Dante to try for another baby. Sonny confesses to Dante, and makes him promise not to drag Morgan into this. Max opens his eyes which relieves Morgan knowing he'll be alright.

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Dec 28, 2013

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