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Weekdays 2:00 PM on ABC Premiered Apr 01, 1963 In Season



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  • 2014/08/28

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140828 - 8/28/14

    Nathan gives Nikolas that Levi's accomplice gave up information about who he really is. Nina has a disturbing dream of killing Silas. Levi explains to Maxie and Lulu this thing with the jewels is much more personal. Sabrina tells Felix she's going to make it her mission to find out why her son had to die. Anna has a theory of Levi being the son of Peter Harrell. Britt informs Lucas of Lulu and Maxie's kidnapping. Maxie manages to put Levi's phone in Lulu's hands and immediately calls Dante. Nina tells Britt she's her next patient and to find out if she's pregnant. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Britt knows of his feelings for her. Sabrina goes to visit Carlos is prison.

  • 2014/08/27

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140827 - 8/27/14

    Franco starts to wonder after to talking with Scott, that Carly may have lied to him. Silas questions Nina about a Chrichton Clark business card found among Rafe's belongings, and if she had given him money. Mac informs Anna his theory about where Maxie and Lulu are, and Frisco is somehow involved. Patrick and Sam make a bet while playing pool. Franco cautions Sonny to stay away from Carly. Nina tells Silas that she wants to make love to him. Scribner reveals Levi's real name, and Felicia recognizes it as the same as that of her old fianceé.

  • 2014/08/26

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140826 - 8/26/14

    Nathan and Dante discover blood in the cabin. Ava is startled when Michael reveals that Luke has been hitting on Kiki, and abruptly knocks Michael's dessert on the floor. Julian offers Sonny a truce. Ned tells Tracy that Lulu was kidnapped. Scribner appears and collapses and tells Dante and Nathan that Levi shot him when he changed the plan. Lucy ponders to Scott over the kidnapping thinking what if it was their daughter. Julian tells Ava her only chance is to retrieve that recording. Tracy tries to get a hold of Luke to tell him about Lulu. Franco rethinks the other night when Scott says he wasn't with Bobbie.

  • 2014/08/25

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140825 - 8/25/14

    Levi returns to the cabin and Maxie demands to know what happened to Lulu. Sonny offers his help for Dante in finding Maxie and Lulu who were kidnapped. Ava tells Julian she is going to poison Michael. Nathan tells Nikolas a body was found, but it was not Maxie or Lulu. Michael tells Kiki he's hesitant going to Ava's penthouse cause it's where A.J. was shot. Britt sees that Nathan feels something other then friendship for Maxie. Olivia is shocked that Lulu and Maxie were kidnapped and Coleman is somehow involved. Nikolas tells Elizabeth he's letting Britt stay at his house. Coleman tells Dante the deal was supposed to go down tonight. Nathan and Dante enter the cabin and sees something startling. Julian pays a visit to Sonny at his office.

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