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Weekdays 2:00 PM on ABC Premiered Apr 01, 1963 In Season



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  • 2014/07/11

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140711 - 7/11/14

    Maxie is speechless when immigration arrives at her doorstep. Lucas explains to Lulu of the love triangle he's caught in. Nina continues to play into Silas' affections by saying Patrick could've purposely punished Rafe. Lucas arrives and sees Brad and Felix in a moment. Patrick tells Sam she has to believe he wouldn't intentionally do anything to harm Rafe. Maxie thinks Nathan was the one who tipped off immigration about Levi's visa expiring. Nina is startled when Rafe suddenly grabs her hand and wakes up.

  • 2014/07/10

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140710 - 7/10/14

    Patrick delivers bad news to Silas and Sam about Rafe's condition as Nina overhears. Silas blasts at Patrick for intentionally botching the surgery causing Rafe to have brain damage. Morgan reminisces with Kiki on how good Alice was to him while he was living at the mansion. Maxie wonders after talking with Lulu that if she has feelings for Nathan. Lucas tells Brad he still has feelings for him, but is unable to trust him. Kiki rushes to Silas after hearing what happened to Rafe. Alice tries to warn Michael about Tracy. Sam asks Patrick if he did this deliberately to Rafe.

  • 2014/07/09

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140709 - 7/9/14

    Patrick looks at his shadow self saying to him to kill Rafe on the table. Dante tells Lulu he shouldn't have questioned Molly so soon after her accident. Jordan alerts Anna about a new player in the mob and he's watching her every move. Nina tells Rosalie that Silas spent all night with his girlfriend at the hospital. Levi comes home to find Nathan and Maxie together saying he almost got deported last night. Julian consoles Alexis after Molly had a little setback.

  • 2014/07/08

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140708 - 7/8/14

    Franco tells Carly that he got a job at the hospital. Delia finds the flash drive in Sonny's office only to be caught by Olivia. Shawn and Jordan continue to fight their attraction to one another. Dr. Obrecht orders Patrick to perform surgery on Rafe immediately. Monica informs Morgan, Michael and Tracy that Alice needs a new heart. Sonny tells Ava that he got Delia out of town and he's watching her more closely now. Dante questions Molly about the events before the car crashed. Silas cautions Patrick that he better not botch the surgery in any way.

  • 2014/07/03

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140703 - 7/3/14

    Silas finds Nina on the floor and says Rafe did this to her. Britt asks Spencer if he wants Cameron and Elizabeth joining him and his father to watch the fireworks. T.J. tells Alexis about his seeing Rafe doing drugs in the park and Molly went to go talk to him. Patrick tells Emma he and her mother are gonna get a divorce. Nathan and Maxie share a brief moment. Rafe makes a confession to Molly the killed Patrick and Sabrina's baby and cause he did it on purpose cause someone put him up to it.

  • 2014/07/02

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140702 - 7/2/14

    Maxie and Nathan find themselves handcuffed together. Rafe takes off back to Silas's apartment and makes a discovery about Nina plotting to break him and Sam up. Alice suffers chest pains and collapses before telling Michael what Tracy is planning. T.J. and Molly prepare to enjoy the 4th of July fireworks. Silas and Patrick go in search of Rafe who's gone missing and enlist Dante's help to find him. Ned asks Alexis to check and see if Tracy's annulment papers are legitiment.

  • 2014/07/01

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20140701 - 7/1/14

    Ava tells Delia that once she gives birth Sonny is going to kill her. Alice catches Tracy red handed plotting with Luke to oust Michael as C.E.O of E.L.Q. Dante tells Olivia that the reason Sonny said for Ava living in his house is because of Connie. Nathan responds to the brownstone and sees Maxie and Levi's protest. Patrick tells Silas they have information about the accident and his car was involved. Lulu gets the news she's been waiting for and will possibly carry a baby to term. Rafe overhears Sam questions Silas, and Kiki says that he could've driven the car.

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