General Hospital

Weekdays 2:00 PM on ABC Premiered Apr 01, 1963 In Season



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  • 2014/12/24

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20141224 - 12/24/14

    Dr. Obrecht spreads some of her own Christmas traditions on the children at General Hospital. Maxie talks with Nathan on the phone and then Spinelli is delighted she came and reunites her with Georgie. Sam and "Jake" have a brief encounter at the hospital. Molly encourages Ric to go and see Elizabeth. Sam tells Patrick she believes "Jake" was the one who held her hostage. Judge Walters opens up to Monica on why he did what he did to Maxie, cause of his own rebellious daughter. Elizabeth runs into Ric's arms when he pays her a visit, as "Jake" watches from a far. Nathan thanks Dr. Obrecht for helping him so that Maxie can see her daughter for Christmas. Julian and Alexis have an emotional goodbye with one another.

  • 2014/12/23

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20141223 - 12/23/14

    Carlos backs away, telling Jordan and Shawn there as good as dead, Ric is grateful they arrived when they did. Molly is upset when coming home that Julian is there as well. Kiki quickly pushes away from Morgan, who says he wanted to kiss her. Maxie shares her good news with Nathan, and wants him to accompany her to Portland to meet her daughter. Julian gets a visit from Luke, who then realizes it's actually his boss and Faison was just a decoy. Sonny plants a shiv on Franco and gets him tossed into solitary confinement. Carly is touched that "Jake" offers to go and tells Sonny he's the father of the baby. Fluke instructs Julian to eliminate Jordan cause she betrayed him. Maxie is touched by Nathan's present, and they plan a date for New Year's Eve. Molly is stunned when she sees Ric at the door and immediately embraces him.

  • 2014/12/22

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20141222 - 12/22/14

    Alexis tells Nina she'll be representing her, but not Franco. Nathan hides the fact from Maxie, of who he was really talking to on the phone with. Jordan does her best to get Julian to give up where Carlos stashed Ric. The judge denies Franco's insanity plea and has him transferred to Pentonville. Alexis tells Maxie that Judge Walters somehow reversed his decision and she will be able to see her daughter. Johnny orders Carlos to kill Ric, after Shawn has no intention of co-operating. Morgan is comforted by Kiki after getting devastating news, and they share a kiss. Franco arrives, just as Sonny is about to kill Johnny. Jordan and Shawn get there as Carlos is about the pull the trigger.

  • 2014/12/18

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20141218 - 12/18/14

    Nathan asks Alexis to represent Nina. Carlos tells Julian he has Ric tied up in the trunk of a car and will release him when Sonny complies with Johnny's request. Nina tells Franco that he lied to her about them being a family together. "Jake" goes to Patrick about these memory flashes he's been having, he suggests undergoing hypnotherapy. Anna tells Jordan to do whatever it takes in finding Ric, meaning back under cover in the Jerome organization. Duke meets with both Julian and Carlos, saying that Johnny will get what he deserves. Elizabeth lashes at Sam telling her to stop discrediting "Jake", Sam says that she will prove that he grabbed her at the police station. Nathan decides to keep his promise to Maxie and takes drastic measures and seeks help in dealing with Judge Walters.

  • 2014/12/17

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20141217 - 12/17/14

    Maxie finds solace in Nathan's arms saying Judge Walters denied her visitation with her daughter again. Michael tells Kiki and Morgan they need to move out of the Brownstone immediately, Carly then offers them to stay at her place. Sabrina reveals to Patrick she doesn't have a job at the hospital cause of what she tried to do to Ava. Silas tells Ava that her baby is staying with Morgan and Kiki. "Jake" starts having memory flashes after an argument with Sam, wondering if he really did do what she said. Sabrina visits Ava apologizing for her actions towards her. Sam forgives Patrick saying she doesn't want to lose their friendship. Sonny instructs Shawn to find Ric and bring him home, so he doesn't have to hand over his territory to Johnny.

  • 2014/12/16

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20141216 - 12/16/14

    Spencer reveals to Nikolas that Britt won't be going to jail since she's left town. Maxie finds herself all alone at her hearing, until Alexis shows up as her lawyer and Lulu for support. Sam tells Dante she thinks that "Jake" is the one who grabbed her. Dr. Obrecht tells "Jake" he is in her debt when he helped in the pediatric wing while Franco was away. Judge Walters brings up numerous times Maxie was caught with Nathan he denies her visitation, Alexis vows she will appeal. "Jake" is grateful for Elizabeth for believing he didn't do what Sam thinks he did. Helena threatens Nikolas by making sure everything he owns will be taken away from him.

  • 2014/12/15

    Full Episode

    S 2014 : Ep 20141215 - 12/15/14

    Carlos tells Julian that Johnny has arranged for him bail money and to be apart of something huge. Ava and Nina both request to see baby Jaime. Morgan asks Silas to do a paternity test to prove if him or Sonny is the father. Alexis gets the feeling that Olivia is somewhat upset with her. Nina becomes emotional when Franco says that he won't be able to help her. Johnny tells Sonny about Ric's life is in his hands. Silas wants to be sure and asks Carly be tested so it will be a clear result if she's related to the baby. Olivia has a daydream of telling Ned her true feelings. Alexis wonders how Julian got out on bail when all his assets were frozen.

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