Generation Kill

Season 1 Episode 5

A Burning Dog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 10, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

First Recon get their orders to cross a local Iraqi bridge, which gives them their first chance to use local Iraqi citizens. As First Recon gets closer to the bridge, they are ambushed.

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  • The war continues.

    I will not deny that some of the action scenes in this installment of Generation Kill were compelling and exciting. You won't find an argument from me saying that the mini-series has not been well cast and all the actors work their tails off every week. I think I've made it clear in my reviews that the dialogue is the most realistic on television.

    Still.... the show is not great. It drags on at points, and leaves the viewer asking, "What is going on?" The majority of the scenes are completely worthless. They fail to advance the story and fail to entertain the audience. You will get chastised if you criticize shows like this. "You just don't get it," people will tell you.

    I get it. I understand the message they are trying to send. Everyone is human and everyone experiences a variety of emotions from hatred to anger to confusion. We are all borderline racists, some not so borderline, and we all are sexually frustrated. That doesn't mean I want to see a show about it.moreless
  • Great!

    Bit slower for me than the previous episode, but still better than some other episodes from this show.

    The first half seemed to go a bit slower than usual for me, but from then onwards it seemed to be a great episode, alot of story being reveled and more development on the characters, which is difficult to achieve in such a short series (7 eps I think).

    Its nice to see them under pressure on the bridge, that was a very exciting scene.

    Action was the same as the last 2 episodes, which is good.

    Overall I give it a 9/10, was a good episode but not perfect.moreless

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    • Sgt. Espera (having just killed his first enemy) I don't feel nothing. Is this how true warriors feel?
      Sgt. Colbert: Don't fool yourself. We're not being warriors out here. They're just using us as machine operators, semi-skilled labor.

    • Cpl. Holsey: The Republican Guard took over every classroom.
      Cpl. Stinetorf: Now we get to blow up a school. This is every fourth-grade boy's fantasy.

    • [scribe shivers]
      Cpl. Harold James Trombley: Do you know that people shiver when they have an excess of adrenaline? Cuts the blood flow or something. They taught us that is S.O.Y.
      Evan 'Scribe' Wright: So it happens to you?
      Cpl. Harold James Trombley: No. I get a woodie.

    • Cpl. Harold James Trombley: Hey Person, didn't your mom put your picture up on the Wal-Mart Wall of Heroes?
      Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Yep. My grandma did when I went to Afghanistan. I'm on the Nevada, Missouri Wal-Mart Wall of Heroes.
      Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert: If my mother would distribute my likeness without my written authorization I would disown her.
      Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Technically speaking Brad, but didn't your biological parents disown you when they put you up for adoption?
      Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert: Point, Ray. I was one of those unfortunates, adopted by upper middle class professionals and nurtured in an environment of learning, art and a socio-religious culture steeped in more than 2000 years of Talmudic tradition. Not everyone is lucky enough to have been raised in a Whiskey Tango trailer park by a bowlegged female whose sole qualification for motherhood is a womb that happened to catch the sperm of a passing truck driver.
      Cpl. Josh Ray Person: At least my mom took me to NASCAR!

    • [moving on the alternate road because the bridge is damaged]
      Evan 'Scribe' Wright: Why didn't we go this way last night?
      Cpl. Josh Ray Person: You are not thinking military, dude. See, bypassing the ambush is just what the ambushers expected us to do.
      Evan 'Scribe' Wright: Well, wait, if they expected us to bypass them why they set up the ambush?
      Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Because they are not professional military.

    • Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Hey guys, I just did a really dirty thing. You know that picture of the Rolling Stone's girlfriend?
      Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert: I think it's safe to say we all know her intimately at this point.
      Cpl. Josh Ray Person: Well, I got it back form Bravo 3 and I swear to God I was going to give it back to him, but I ran into Watsic on the way over here, I traded that bitch for some pack of batteries.
      Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert: Ray, you pimped her out?
      Cpl. Josh Ray Person: She's a dirty little hoochie isn't she.

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