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Generation Kill

Season 1 Episode 7

Bomb in the Garden

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Having reached Baghdad, Bravo Team is shocked at the size of the city; while First Recon begin doing their daily patrols in Baghdad, they find out the obstacles that they and the Iraqis face are much greater than they could ever think of.

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  • The crew reaches Baghad.

    After seeing the Marines of Generation Kill taking down snipers, or "lighting up" as they would say, helping kids and torturing prisoners, we finally saw that they were real human beings. They had emotions, which they spilt to their companies. They played football, a game which raised egos and buried emotions stemming back from their high school days. Generation Kill's crew is definitely pro-war, yet they did not allow that bias to corrupt a fine mini-series. We saw the "heroes" realize that there was still much more work that needed to be done than simply invading the country and removing its previous ruler. We saw the casualties of war and what it meant to the world as a whole. We witnessed lying, deceit, but more importantly unity. Generation Kill had its weak spots, but it was still a strong offering for seven weeks from HBO. Anyone wanting to make a war movie or television series needs to watch GK to see just how it is done. You need comedy, you need drama and most of all, you need realism.moreless
  • Closes out on a high, with an amazingly cutting look at the war coming to a close in Baghdad, and the lack of any policy for controlling the streets and the insurgents which follow. The final scenes are particularly moving.moreless

    Closes out on a high, with an amazingly cutting look at the war coming to a close in Baghdad, and the lack of any policy for controlling the streets and the insurgents which follow. The army is totally scythed through politically in terms of being corrupt and mismanaged. Crucially, the show does this without being blunt like much of the modern western media, it just shows a broad spectrum of events and invites the viewer to draw an opinion.

    The ending scenes of the football game are brutal and somewhat chilling, as if all that were holding these disparate men together was the blood-lust of war, and even then, hardly. The same simple tensions of college errupting without warning from within the unit, and so viciously, is shocking to watch. The home-movie playback, scored non diegetically to 'The Man Comes Around', thick with biblical overtones, is slick and spellbinding and powerful - soldiers who look back on themselves and are disgusted, as if the American identity itself has taken a beating. It also works as something of a mirror on the media's reporting of the war from an embedded point of view, or the question of how to film something like war from within or without - and whether it should be filmed. Ultimately Generation Kill says that it's not an easy task to draw opinions on something like war, and if even the troops are aghast at their own actions, it's not a simple case of condemning them all for it.moreless
  • Awesome!

    The final episode to this mini series did not let me down at all. It was brilliant in my opinion.

    The episode went by fast for me, always a good sign that they made it well for a 1 hour long ep.

    Alot of good bits and pieces throughout the episode, a bit of action, not as much as previous episodes, but story was built up furthur.

    And to wrap things up I loved the compilation video at the end of the episode, who wouldnt like it. Couldnt have ended it much better than that.

    So overall this episode has to get a 10 out of 10 from me, wasnt a very hard decision.moreless
Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård

Sgt. Brad 'Iceman' Colbert

James Ransone

James Ransone

Cpl. Josh Ray Person

Lee Tergesen

Lee Tergesen

Evan 'Scribe' Wright

Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas

Sgt. Antonio 'Poke' Espera

Stark Sands

Stark Sands

Lt. Nathaniel Fick

Billy Lush

Billy Lush

Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley

Henk Pretorius

Henk Pretorius

Marine at Cigarette Factory

Guest Star

Rachid Sabitri

Rachid Sabitri

Gay Iraqi

Guest Star

Raad Rawi

Raad Rawi

Sadi Ali Hossein

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Throughout the entire mini-series the reporter from Rolling Stone Evan Wright is never referred to by his name. He is referred to only as Scribe, Rolling Stone or Reporter.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley: See Sergeant, we do shoot dogs in Iraq.

    • [reading a letter to his girl]
      Sgt. Antonio Espera: I've learned there's two types of people in Iraq. Those who are very good. And those who are dead. I'm very good. I've lost 20 pounds, shaved my head, started smoking, my feet have half rotted off and I move from filthy hole to filthy hole every night. I see dead children and people everywhere, I function in a void of indifference. I keep you and our daughter locked away deep inside and I try not to look there. [to the reporter] Dog, you think that's too harsh?
      Evan 'Scribe' Wright: Tony, you know, you think way too much.

    • Sgt: Goddammit Rudy! Go to your little quiet place and chant motherfucker!

    • Sgt. Antonio Espera: The priest told me it's not a sin to kill if you don't enjoy killing. My question is whether indifference is the same as enjoyment.
      Sgt. Brad 'Ice Man' Colbert: All religious stuff aside. The fact is, people who can't kill will always be subject to those who can.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Music:

      "It Ain't Easy" by Tupac Shakur
      "Let Me Ride" by Dr. Dre
      "Fuck tha Police" by N.W.A.
      "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys" by Ed Bruce
      "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest

    • Music:
      "The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash

    • Several times throughout series characters give times as, for example, 2300 hours. Marines would only say 2300 since it is understood that the number relates to time and the word hours would be redundant. Other armed services like the Army and Air Force would use "hours" after the time.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: December 19, 2008 on HBO