Generation Kill

Season 1 Episode 4

Combat Jack

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

After capturing an Iraqi airstrip, the First Recon is ahead of the other American and Coalition troops, which gives them time to regroup.

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  • The war continues.

    One thing that has remained constant from the very beginning of Generation Kill's mini-series run is the realism. In the dialogue, in the plot and in the violence. What HAS changed since the pilot episode? Everything else.

    This went from the best show of the week, to a top show, to a really bad show. This was one of the lowest rated programs I reviewed and even giving it a 5.1 is generous. While I am still amused by the well-written dialogue, the show's uber slow pace makes Mad Men seem like Nascar. Generation Kill has gone downhill really fast. Good thing it is almost over.moreless
  • Good ep!

    Even though there isnt really an average for this show yet, because there havent been many eps, this show was better than the last one for sure, first of all, the ep seemed to go alot faster and didnt drag on, maybe it wa because it was easier to follow for me, I seemed to get a little bit lost in parts of other eps.

    Alot more action in this ep, like storming into the village to check for mortars (I think thats what they were looking for anyway).

    Also the road block scene was pretty cool, and its always great to end on a song started off by Ray (as always).

  • "I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby"....Love it.

    Through the first few episodes I was waiting for the action scenes with all the fire fights and killing. After this episode, you really start to get to know the characters and I see myself wanting to avoid the scenes where characters will inevitably die. Characters a brought down to earth and taken apart, specifically the leaders. It reminds me of some of my days at work. Whether you're in the office, or fighting a war, management is often times, incompetent. So far the show has made a pretty good representation of what it must be like to be in Iraq fighting this war. It might actually be good for some.moreless

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    • Alpha Lieutenant: General Al-Hamadi's operatives were compromised shortly after entering the town last night. They were executed by Ba'ath party loyalists. Clearly, this impacted negatively on the morale of his forces.
      Godfather: So, your freedom fighters ran, huh?
      Alpha Lieutenant: Colonel, our liberation wasn't a cakewalk either. If you remember, there were some grim moments at Valley Forge.

    • Cpl. Trombley: I know this may sound weird, but deep-down, I kind of want to see how it feels like to get shot.

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    • Lt. Nathaniel Fick: I know this looks like some Black Hawk Down sh*t we are doing.

      This is a reference to a 1999 book by Mark Bowden and then 2001 film adaptation, about U.S. military involvement in Somalia in 1993 and a blood thirsty battle in Mogadishu capital of Somalia.