Generation Kill

Season 1 Episode 1

Get Some

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 13, 2008 on HBO

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  • Very Realistic & Entertaining

    I love the reality aspect of this show. Im used to watching pg-13 shows like Prison Break, Lost, etc, but when i saw this i was like "Hellz Yah" lol. In this first episode there isn't very much action, but the introduction to each of the marines was necessary. The Godfather was awesome. When i first heard his name i was like "I wonder why he's called that?" and then once i heard his voice i actually started laughing lol. But each of the soldiers were pretty funny i just though it was weird that there were no black people besides that one guy that had like two lines. The Spanish commander (forgot his name) is my favorite character so far.

    He's funny/entertaining but direct and a badass as well. The scene where he was peeing and had his little speech toward the beginning of the show was one of my favorite scenes of the episode lol. My next favorite part was when the guy was like "The whole war is because of (woman private area)." I was bustin' out laughin' lol.

    But overall it was a good first episode and im looking forward to the rest of the series.
  • Good start.

    Good start to the mini-series. It has definately got me hooked in for more, hopefully the next episode keeps my view of this show high.

    It was very exciting and definately entertaing and most importantly did not drag on (which is what I thought would happen when watching a one hour long ep), also it is a mini-series so they dont have a whole lot of time to mess around wasting time.

    As others have said, it shows a more realistic view of what people think would actually happen in these sort of situations.

    This ep gets a 9.5/10, very good and waiting for more.
  • well written! realistic! and entertaining!!!

    Good to see it is not just another flag waving show! it is showing both the good and bad of the American troops at work it is way more realistic when it shows the real life frustrations that soldiers are faced with,poor supply sub standard equipment, poor leadership, unclear orders (rules of engagement) and the ultimate futility of war. These are the things soldiers from anywhere or any generation have to deal with and this show is doing a good job of displaying some of these things. I am looking forward to the rest of the series so far it has been both entertaining and informative
  • The US Marines invade Iraq.

    The War in Iraq has been a hot topic of discussion for the past few years. Everybody from your grandmother to your eight year old daughter has an opinion on what the government should be doing. Customary when there's a military conflict you can expect it to be recreated on television and/or film. After the premiere of Generation Kill, that might become impossible as this mini-series has set the bar for future generations of scripted entertainment.

    Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard about HBO's series. The critics have been praising the show calling it "superb"; and they are right. Not since Academy Award-winning Saving Private Ryan has there been such an accurate and sentimental depiction of life during wartime.

    The dialogue is absolutely incredible. The visuals take your breath away and make you feel as if you are in the Middle East. The acting is so strong and believable that you might be hoodwinked into believing you are watching a documentary rather than a television series. From the opening moments the viewer is hooked in and develops an emotional attachment to the men of 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. While there are points where action could be randomly thrown in to make things more exciting, executive producers David Simon and Ed Burns trade in cheap thrills for pragmatic drama. The network that brought us Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Sopranoes scores again with the instant classic Generation Kill.