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  • wonderfull realism, indeniable thruth, stupid gay pro war dude saying that troups are all mother theresas over there being heroes, wich is actualy not true.

    Troops are normal people, but normal young people thrown in that **** do stupid things, like throwing puppies off cliffs and shoot ''insurgents'' knowing that its really an unarmed civilian who you just got to shoot for fun. I've been there, seen some **** and done my share of it, aint proud, can't sleep most nights, all i can say is that we screwed a lot of innocent people over there and should not even be there in the first place, and also, most of our troops deserve to die cuz most of em did some crazy wicked disturbing **** I'd actualy preferred reading stupid kids letters wich we actualy never really read when we got any.
  • I really liked this show. I spent 4 years active duty in the US Marine Corp and this is as real a show about the Marines as I have ever seen. It is a ton of "hurry up and wait" and when the s*it htis the fan, it really does. I am awaiting next season.

    I have been waiting and waiting to see the next season, where is it?

    I greatly enjoyed the show and am anxiously awaiting the next season, the characters were very realistic. Especially the nutjob officers and reporters.

    I am unsure, but am guessing this is taking place around 2003 or so. It is definitely placed after 9/11/01. What a day that was, I was stationede at Camp Pendleton and listening to the news on my way into the base, i got through the east gate about ten minutes before the entire base went into lockdown. They actually took bulldozers and blocked all the gates shortly after the second plane hit the second tower.

    I especially liked the fire during the party scene along with the cleaning the crap from under the shi**ers. For those of you that dont know this, that is a real job reserved for royal fu**ups.

    Semper Fi Fellow Marines!
  • Realistic look at modern war.

    Watching this show I was often reminded of 'Band of Brothers', another show about the journey a group of soldiers make in times of war. But whereas 'Band' described the historic incidents that a company of soldiers witnessed in World War Two, we get a look here at a the slightly more boring side of war. Of course, 'Band' dealt with a company chosen by the writer for its historical importance. 'Generation Kill' was written by an embedded journalist who described what he saw to a group of Marines he happened to be assigned to. It's perhaps more realistic as a description of the everyday life of soldiers, certainly the professional soldiers of today.

    There was plenty of action in 'Band' because they had four years of war to work through. In this show the action scenes - though very scary at times - are far and few between, as the war (against Saddam) only lasted a few weeks and these Marines didn't actually witness really historical events. So we get a lot of scenes of soldiers being bored and impatient. (Some professional soldiers may have joined because they want action and they feel bad when they don't get any. More experienced ones know better.) What I liked was the fact that the problems of this war (bad decisions, insufficient material, ...) were dealt with, but they weren't the main focus of the show, which can hardly be called a political pamphlet (except perhaps the final episode). Soldiers moan about the problems and get on with it. No, this was all about the soldiers. After all, some actual soldiers from the conflict were willing to play themselves. It wasn't always easy to identify all of them (why no name tags?), but in some cases you didn't care about the name of a character who made an interesting observation.

    The production value was excellent: you could hardly tell this was filmed in South Africa. The dialogue was realistic, certainly a lot ruder than that of these soldiers' grandfathers in World War Two. I noticed something strange about the way I interpreted certain lines. At several moments a character said something that in an ordinary Hollywood film would have predicted his demise. (When in a cop movie a policeman says he has only twee weeks to retirement, you know he's going to die before the film is over.) Here, it's usually just a remark, not punctuated by a deadly grenade. The body count is pretty low in this show. Realism trumps Hollywood traditions.

    Don't let the first episode with its multitude of characters turn you off this show.
  • luv this series very much, seriously looking forward for the 2nd seasons, pls ! pls!

    so crazy with "Generation Kill" wish there will be more season, it's not just the stroyline, the script but they have such an awesome casts & crews. i have been waiting for 2nd seasons, hurry up !! it's such a great production to see the other side and to understand what the young marrines feel about the war that they part of. people need to realize more that not every american agree with war in Iraq. somehow, i feel that there won't be more seasons, i had been watching this series more than 10 times, ha ha totally luv and crazy about it
  • Its difficult to say I "Liked" this series...

    ...but I did appreciate it.

    I appreciated it, with the understanding that to those who really serve, there was no doubt a whole lot of artistic license in the presentation. But as a viewer I still felt well and truly gripped in the conflict. Or should I say, in the conflicts (plural): that of the invasion itself but almost more importantly, those of the men themselves.

    I came away from watching all seven episodes back to back, troubled by the fact that the proverbial hats of the good guys are in fact, not white, but serious shades of grey. And troubled that the really good guys really don't matter in the grand scheme of things...and it truly appears to be one big, self-serving scheme.

    I was amazed at performances of substantial depth by Alexander Skarsgard, James Ransone, Stark Sands and Owain Yeoman, and left feeling suitably uncomfortable by the glimpses they provided into a place in time of the real lives their performances represented.

    Did I like this the sense one usually likes a series? No. But I'll never forget it either. And that is what makes something great; "like it" or not...
  • Quite a good show, but I was expecting a bit more action.

    The general idea of the show is quite good: the marines, their sense of brotherhood, the weapons and the always threatening Iraqis. However, the story is quite slow and, as you feel the tension grow, you never quite get what you are expecting, or at least I didn't. One thing I did like about Generation Kill were some of the characters. First, Lt. Col. Ferrando's voice had me laughing during the first epidose and I loved the way he always referred to himself in the third person. Then, Cpt. Dave McGraw's constant paranoia, which earned him the nickname "Captain America", gave this series a funny twist. Overall, the show is fairly entertaining but lacks action and good music to make it a bit more thrilling.
  • Extremely realistic representation of the allied offensive against the Saddam Hussein regime which lead to its collapse and the beginning of a new, democratic era for Iraq.

    Excellent work by HBO, honoring the "Band Of Brothers" brilliant tradition. Even in the first episode which features no combat action since the leading Recon Marine characters are preparing and waiting for deployment, the degree of interest is high. The spectator has the opportunity to observe and analyze all characters and very quickly feels like "part of the team". After that, just like every recon marine portrayed in the show, the spectator feels angsious to go into the first firefight and "get some". In his mind, he has left his livingroom couch and is standing on the
    .50 cal. turret of a HUMVEE, scanning the horizon for "hadgies". After approximately 7 hours, it's "Mission accomplished" for Team Hotel Bravo Oscar. I can't wait for season 2.
  • A poor relation of "over there" - good but pulls its punches.

    This was subtle....too subtle. i spent the entire 7 episodes waiting for a punchline. I cant stress how much i recommend to anyone who watches this and likes the theme it explores to go and find your self the over there series. After which you can see how poorly this compares. That is not to say that this mini-series did not have its merits but it neither hit new ground nor did it have any great deal of shock and awe all it did have was great high-budget polish and an under used and under explored cast of fine actors. good but not great in isolation, poor when measured up against over there.
  • Stories of the Iraq conflict come and go and most have not been well received. They were either too pro war or too anti-war. This show attempts to just give an unbiased look at the conflict and in my estimation succeeds.

    Stories of the Iraq conflict come and go and most have not been well received. They were either too pro war or too anti-war. This show attempts to just give an unbiased look at the conflict and im my estimation succeeds. The show is word for word the experiences that played out in the book of the same name. It show cases how kids of the most privileged time America has had. Deal with death and the consequences of war it gives us their attitudes and perceptions based on life during war. There were no vomiting sessions or times of deep guilt. If anyone was upset at death whether it was a combatant or innocent. It was because the squad teased them and not the death of the individuals. Death was just another game after seeing so much of it the thing of jokes. No more or less than using the restroom and joking about how sexy bare bottom marines are. The show was full of chaos which was an attempt to show the chaos of war and was well done. There are people who won't like this show since the soldiers are shown as profane and perverted and not angels of valor. These people miss the point of avoiding politics and accepting a true picture of life with spots and wrinkles.
  • A painfully accurate description of war.

    It is not Band of Brothers all right.. While Band of Brothers was all about the heroism of US troops in WW2, this series is defiantly not about heroism. It's about how modern war really looks and feels like: sometimes you get to run and shoot bad guys, but most of the time you're either boiling inside your NBC suit or freezing in the desert night. The food is bad, you don't sleep, and on general it's not fun and not heroic. Besides that, you have to deal with incompetent superiors, poorly planned battle plans, and general chaos. Luckily, the other side is as chaotic as yours.
    In modern wars, most of the casualties are civilian. And the series passes that message to viewer quite well.
  • Decent, not brilliant.

    It is a good show, if youre into this kind of stuff, then by all means watch it, if youre here just for the action, then you will definately be let down.

    There is a good story, but you have to pay attention, dont blame me if you waste 7 hours watching this show.

    The show had awesome characters in my opinion, the best part to the show by far, the action was very impressive but rarely seen so cant give that the best part award.

    One thing that annoyed me was that the episodes seemed to go very very slowly through the first 30mins, then speed up in the last 30 mins, by the finale, I was just happy for it to be over.

    Great end to the series with a compilation video.

    The show gets an 8.5 from me.
  • The of Band Of Brothers of the 21st century. A fantastic insight into the war in Iraq, brutal and straight to the point, completely free from Hollywood nonsense.

    This awesome show based around a company of Marines in the second Gulf War is truely one of the best things I've ever watched. No Hollywood glamourisation, no corny story lines, no emotional stories about back home, just pure hardcore war - the way it really is. It's on par, if not better than, the epic series Band Of Brothers. The characters are colourful to say the least, but the cast fits the bill perfectly, the actiting is second to none! This series is a great tribute to the men (and women although they rarely feature) who have fought and are still fighting in Iraq. Truely a must see, this will go down as one of the classic portrayals of war in the 21st century.
  • "You americans killed a lot of sand with your fire bombs, the sand was truly evil" Thats says it all.

    I am not surprised that the show received less than stellar reviews/scores.
    Remember the audience doesn't want to be reminded of reality, the characters are not loveable, you don't 'bond', with mad for murder killers whose idea of a fun time is the combat jack, no; the show does whats written on the tin: gives us viewers an inside look at the insanity of the modern military and its almost complete abjuration of responsibility to civilian life.

    Its black humoured wit through dialogue is as sharp as it comes and you can't help but hope these lunatics make it through, I'm just happy after seeing this show that they are on MY side.
  • American Marines in Iraq

    Band of Brothers this aint. They may have the camaraderie but I don't care about the characters. There have been numerous films about disaffected soldiers so what's new about this? We get the stereotpes; The jock, the clever one, the crazy etc I am surprised the US Military signed off on this as it paints their efforts as ill advised, poorly planned, equiped and executed. More peril, less talking and we could be onto a winner,

    It isn't particularly interesting, very little happens (maybe that's the point) so why watch? If it were sep/oct I doubt I would but what else is there?
  • Generation Kill follows the tales of a company of elite recon Marines as they fight there way through Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

    Many people seem to enjoy trashing Generation Kill, labeling it as "liberal" propaganda that our Marines as butchers and war criminals, while certain people on the left misinterpret aspects of the show and use this program to denigrate the men that serve in our nation's armed forces. Generation Kill is not slanted to the left or to the right, it is grounded in reality and in the memories of the Marines who lived first hand the events portrayed in the episodes of Generation Kill. In reality, "stuff" (for lack of a better word) happens in war, "stuff" that is rarely in the hands of the grunts on the ground. They did not after all choose to invade Iraq, they chose to defend our nation and our constitution and though some of their statements or actions may be interpreted as those of a warmonger, one needs to put themselves in their shoes. That is the truth that Generation Kill tries to instill in it's viewers, that one cannot judge these men unless one is in their place or look at the situations they find themselves in from an objective point of view. If can accomplish they learn to truly appreciate these Marines as honorable men who find themselves on a plain apart from the civilians they try to protect, they our after all different because it is their job to kill the enemy of the United States of America. All in all Generation Kill is a masterpiece, from when the men find themselves engaged with "Tangos" to when they manage to breath easy and relax; this show stands out almost as much as the men who inspired it.
  • This show certainly isn't for everybody. However i really enjoyed it. A real look at the characters in a war and the effects on those characters from being in a war.

    I first saw the title "generation kill" when surfing the tv guide, and thought that will be some terrible teen action series and didn't give it a second look. Until a friend said that he had seen it and it was pretty good.

    At this point i really didn't know what to expect, was it going to be a 24 like drama or what?

    After watching the the first three eps i was really surprised by the dialogue the characters, i was missing a little bit of the action, but i think thats the point, most of war is actual waiting not shooting, a lot of times you could feel the disappointment of the soldiers. It's one of those programs that makes me wait week to week to see the next eps.

    If you action junky give it a miss, however if you actual want to know what war is like to some extend give it watch.
  • Breaking through the propaganda to show the truth as clearly as possible considering the lies we are sold all over the world.

    I went into this show not really knowing exactly what it was going to be like. I was pleasantly surprised to see that is wasn't another bunch of Bullock as 90% of all American films and series about war has been throughout history of TV and film from that country.

    The show immediately proves how the military takes the lowest levels of intelligence, etiquette and education to form the majority of their forces. The racist clowns get away with their backwards thinking and it was a truly magical moment when one character says "The White Man Needs To Rule The World". That was when I knew this series had the potential to be something special.

    If all Marines are this ignorant I wouldn't want one to live in the same area code as myself. The disrespect they show towards each other is bad enough, how do you think they treated the Iraqi civilians? This show definitely makes you think and gets your blood pumping. After all the garbage behaviour of these mindless monkeys we see them interact with the populous. What do they do pick on them, insult them, push them around and then once all that is done they steal their cigarettes. I'm no where near a bleeding heart but if your going to go into help the people and liberate them then do your f-ing job don't do the same thing to them.

    The military in episode one has come off like a bunch of childish a$$ clowns that deserve no respect. But on the other hand what in the hell is the US government doing sending their soldiers to fight without the proper gear? I can say this about the show it evokes strong feelings and opinions and so far has proven what the rest of world knows about Americans and their retarded leaders at all levels.

    Overall I can't wait for the next episode because I am absolutely hooked. This is the kind of program that I wanted to see not the propaganda like Jarhead. That war is wrong always has been wrong and never will be made right. If Generation Kill continues along this path then I'm sure it will be one of the best mini-series HBO has ever made.
  • 8 episode mini-series about Marines in Iraq in 2003 based off of the successful book Generation Kill. My Review Strong Points: Comedy Action Characters Weak points: Slow paced O

    Generation Kill is HBO's new documentary on the Iraq war and the new generation of Marines fighting it. This mini-series is a great transition from book to TV staying true to all of the events in the book. From the Godfather to Captain America getting hysterical over a stray dog. IF you have read the book and tried to visualize how it would be chances are you were off by a mile like I was. The first episode in my opinion was great it had action, drama and comedy. The comedy in this show is by far the best you will get on TV and the characters are easily relatible. Out of 10 I would give this show so far a 9.6

    Favorite part of episode 1: Rudy Reyes (an actual marine that was involved in the events portrayed) being in the miniseries
    and Encino Man ductaping his side windows to prevent the enemy from seeing his laptop at night which results in them becoming lost.