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HBO (Mini-Series 2008)





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  • Its difficult to say I "Liked" this series...

    ...but I did appreciate it.

    I appreciated it, with the understanding that to those who really serve, there was no doubt a whole lot of artistic license in the presentation. But as a viewer I still felt well and truly gripped in the conflict. Or should I say, in the conflicts (plural): that of the invasion itself but almost more importantly, those of the men themselves.

    I came away from watching all seven episodes back to back, troubled by the fact that the proverbial hats of the good guys are in fact, not white, but serious shades of grey. And troubled that the really good guys really don't matter in the grand scheme of things...and it truly appears to be one big, self-serving scheme.

    I was amazed at performances of substantial depth by Alexander Skarsgard, James Ransone, Stark Sands and Owain Yeoman, and left feeling suitably uncomfortable by the glimpses they provided into a place in time of the real lives their performances represented.

    Did I like this the sense one usually likes a series? No. But I'll never forget it either. And that is what makes something great; "like it" or not...