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HBO (Mini-Series 2008)





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  • I really liked this show. I spent 4 years active duty in the US Marine Corp and this is as real a show about the Marines as I have ever seen. It is a ton of "hurry up and wait" and when the s*it htis the fan, it really does. I am awaiting next season.

    I have been waiting and waiting to see the next season, where is it?

    I greatly enjoyed the show and am anxiously awaiting the next season, the characters were very realistic. Especially the nutjob officers and reporters.

    I am unsure, but am guessing this is taking place around 2003 or so. It is definitely placed after 9/11/01. What a day that was, I was stationede at Camp Pendleton and listening to the news on my way into the base, i got through the east gate about ten minutes before the entire base went into lockdown. They actually took bulldozers and blocked all the gates shortly after the second plane hit the second tower.

    I especially liked the fire during the party scene along with the cleaning the crap from under the shi**ers. For those of you that dont know this, that is a real job reserved for royal fu**ups.

    Semper Fi Fellow Marines!