Generation Kill

Season 1 Episode 2

The Cradle of Civilization

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2008 on HBO

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  • About the episode

    It had great sound editing, sound mixing and visual effects.
  • The gang finds out they have a different mission.

    This was not as strong as Generation Kill's first chapter of the mini-series, but it was still a fine example of how a war movie should be made. Attention is payed to the smallest of details such as highways, dirt, goats and the fact that the soldiers have to go to the bathroom (resulting in a humorous minute long discussion of the "perfect **** The dialogue is still spectacular and the characters are three dimensional and believable.

    There were some dull points in this episode, as things seemed to drag on forever. Some of the little cracks, like the debate about fat people or the grooming system. This is still an extremely original and entertaining program, and a refreshing change of pace to the dramas currently on television.
  • With a kind of lame start in the first episode, Generation Kill explodes into a great war-show with this second one

    When I watched the first episode of Generation Kill I felt that it was kind of like the first episode of Band of Brothers, a slow presentation of the characters and their different situations. This second episode proved me right. It starts when the Bravo Company move deeper into Iraqi territory which, of course, increases the risk (or according to some characters; the opportunity) to encounter the enemy. In contrast to the first episode, this one starts to show the paradoxal hell war is all about; how marines anticipates battle even tough the anxiety shines right through them. And due to some scenes that contains some disturbing gore, it feels like the director really want to show what war is all about, without having to use the original bad guys-talk. One final thought regards Alexander Skarsgård. I think he does a splendid job this far in this show.
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