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  • Season 1
    • The Defiant One
      The Defiant One
      Episode 13
      Buzz shows a knack for video editing. His Weird Room video impresses even Molly and inspires a new song. Combined with the video, it proves to be a big success. With there being a possibility of greater success from a new project, a team-up between brother and sister awaits. Will Molly and Buzz be able to put aside their growing differences and get through this experience in one piece?moreless
    • Whatever Happened to Molly O?!
      Everyone knows all about Molly O, or do they? All of a sudden, they start hearing a very strange rumor – forty-year-old Melvin is the real Molly. As far as Molly is concerned, this hardly seems worth paying attention to. Unfortunately, a lot of people disagree and the rumor spreads very quickly over a short time. Now, Molly has to figure out where this rumor started and how to stop it.moreless
    • Lone Fry
      Lone Fry
      Episode 11
      The school choir is holding auditions for new members. Despite having her own band, Molly still wants in. The audition might've made an entertaining show, but it doesn't get her a choir spot. The instructor's reasoning is that she would drown out the other singers and her voice just doesn't jell. Rejection from a school choir seems like a massive embarrassment to Molly – forcing her to go to extreme lengths to get in. Chadd, however, voices his problems with her decision.moreless
    • Going Solo
      Going Solo
      Episode 10
      The Hall of Rock and Rollers is giving out awards and Best Sideman goes to Nub. While congratulations are in order, this also prompts some serious consideration about his career. All of a sudden, Nub becomes a solo act and the remaining members of Generation O! hold replacement auditions. Unfortunately, none of the possible new bassists really work out... at all. The thing is, if Molly and Nub had both been honest, none of this would be happening. Adding fuel to the fire, Buzz has a little fun by 'revealing' the band's next bassist – him.moreless
    • Bedtime Blues
      Bedtime Blues
      Episode 9
      Molly O may be a big celebrity, but she still has a bedtime like any other kid. This proves particularly irritating when she wants to see her favorite comic on Saturday Night Late, but obviously can't. It's just a case of Mr. and Mrs. O believing that Molly must be older to stay up later. Molly naturally disagrees and then gets a chance to stay up. It turns out that Saturday Night Late needs a new musical guest and the producers have turned to Generation O!. Molly is excited at first, but can she actually stay awake to perform?moreless
    • Look Alike
      Look Alike
      Episode 8
      Molly puts the finishing touches on a new Generation O! song. It pays off, as the song reaches new levels of success. Everyone is quite happy about it, except for Buzz. Now, he has always been annoyed with Molly and rather jealous of her, but this seems like the last straw and a reason to do something mean. A Molly look-alike contest is apparently his best option. Just about everyone wants to take part and – much to Buzz's delight – Molly can't stand any of it.moreless
    • Boys May Be Boys
      Boys May Be Boys
      Episode 7
      With a fun father/son get-together looming, Mr. O and Buzz may get in a little bonding. Molly O wants to go, too, but she can't for obvious reasons. Unwilling to take this lying down, Molly intends to do whatever it takes to sneak in and be a part of the fun. Per Eddie, dressing up and acting like a boy seems like the best way. The resulting 'makeover' makes Molly virtually indistinguishable from Buzz. All goes well for the most part, until she gets near the Fond Du Lac Cheese Factory. Their sign is accidentally broken and the one responsible must be punished. Everyone – of course – suspects Buzz and his protests fall on deaf ears. Buzz may be a creep, but can Molly just let him be punished for something she did?moreless
    • Girls Rule, Boys Drool
      Buzz O really starts ticking Molly O off. A little venting results in the "Girls Rule, Boys Drool" song, which obviously has different attitudes towards the different genders. She feels better after finishing it and is content to let the song gather dust. Unfortunately, Buzz finds it and the song is soon heard worldwide. Naturally, girls love it, while boys hate it. Chadd in particular is upset – putting his friendship with Molly on thin ice. As hard as it might be to believe, things threaten to actually get worse from there.moreless
    • Pierced Ears
      Pierced Ears
      Episode 5
      Molly O receives a gift that she absolutely adores – an earring from the famous gal, Flea. Problem is, she doesn't have pierced ears, so she can't actually wear it. Mrs. O isn't willing to give her the chance, until she turns fifteen. That seems like way too far away to Molly, however, so she resorts to increasingly desperate measures.moreless
    • Deviated Tonsils
      Deviated Tonsils
      Episode 4
      Most inevitably have to get a tonsillectomy and Molly O happens to be next. The thing is, though, she doesn't want to go through with the procedure. There is a chance her singing voice will be damaged by the surgery. However, the longer she drags this out, the worse her throat feels. If she doesn't get the surgery soon, her singing voice will suffer regardless.moreless
    • You Copied
      You Copied
      Episode 3
      The Dancin' Schuburts are jealous of Generation O!'s success and miss being in the spotlight themselves. They want to take their rival band down a peg, but they can only do so by being underhanded. News spreads of a supposedly ripped-off song, and more and more start to believe it. As this quickly snowballs out of control, even Molly doubts herself. Can Molly sort all of this out?moreless
    • Our House
      Our House
      Episode 2
      Generation O! is set to debut a single live on the radio, so they must practice round the clock. That is easier said than done, as Molly O's typical home life barely gives them a single moment of peace. When it looks like they won't be ready in time, Colonel Bob comes up with a solution – a rented, secluded house. Having a whole weekend there may be enough for Generation O!, but problems both inside and outside ensue.moreless
    • Damp Sheets
      Damp Sheets
      Episode 1
      The state's Senator is running for president, and Colonel Bob arranges for Generation O! to play at his rally down in Washington, D.C.. No real problem, as Molly O and the rest of the band don't mind showing a little patriotism. Unfortunately, this Senator's public persona differs a lot from his real one. In other words, he's a jerk. Molly sees no reason to publicly support someone like that, but he knows about the one time she wet the bed. Will Molly compromise her principals or risk public humiliation?moreless