Generation O!

The WB (ended 2001)


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  • The last great pure comedy cartoon.

    Remember those primetime sitcom shows that seemed to be a little bit more intelligent than the rest? You might pick Frasier as an example. Or Friends. Generation O!, when it aired oh so long ago in 2000, was the animated version of the sitcom. It came out amid increasingly dull action cartoons(does anybody even remember the "going turbo" guy?) and an aging Pokemon(which is still getting older by the year but doesn't want to die). Unlike other comedy cartoons that came before and especially after, Generation O! was a rarity in that the comedy came not through jokes about the body or the pop culture but through the charms and personalities of the characters. The show featured adults that acted like real parents and not stereotypes. Other characters were such over the top caricatures that you couldn't help but find them funny. The animation was spectacular and a brilliantly animated music video, with a high quality rock song to match, topped each episode. When this show aired, it pulled in rave reviews and high numbers. Funny how it disappeared after only 13 episodes.
  • This was good too man.

    I liked this show as much as I liked Detention. I know it's too late for new episodes, but can somebody play the episodes somewhere. Like cartoon network. The crap on now like Jonny Test and Coconut fred stinks. Saturday tv has gone down hill in a big way. Well I said my piece, good bye.