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Gawl Overhaul - dub or sub differences

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    I'm filling in the episode details and recaps for the guide now and have noticed that the
    English dub vs. English sub are sometimes significantly different in the details. I'll try to keep the recap friendly to both versions, but if anyone wants to submit Sub vs. Dub differences, please do so in Notes, in a format like:

    Dub vs. Sub
    In the dub, Masami belittles Natsume telling her to keep up with the class here.
    In the sub, Masami praises Natsume for her academic talent in plant research and being scouted for the academy.

    Similarly for Quotes, please specify the dub or sub version before you quote. For example:

    (English dub)
    Gawl: Koji just wants to skip out on P.E.
    (English sub)
    Gawl: Koji's always going off by himself.

    or pick the version that's most interesting

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