Generator Gawl

(ended 1998)





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  • Generator Gawl RULES!!!!!!!!!!

    Whoever put a low score for this show should be punished severely!!! This show is so AWESOME!!!! Gawl is the best character in this show and can kick any Generator's ass! Anyway of course the worst character is that stupid girl Masami. Most girls in animes are jerks. If I had to choose on a second favorite character it would be a tie between Koji and Ryo. It's too bad it's only 12 episodes long though. One of my favorite parts in the first volume is the beginning of the third episode that part's pretty funny.
  • Highly underappreciated!

    I must admit, I was utterly shocked to find that so few people like this show! Generator Gawl is a wonderful program with wit, sarcasm, humour, well-rounded characters, a well-constructed plot, amazing music, and much, much more. With plenty of twists, turns, and surprises in so few episodes, it's hard to believe that the plot could still run so smoothly - but it does. If I may dote upon the characters for a moment - Gawl and Masami are independantly quite dynamic characters, but together are absolutely hillarious. Their interactions and clashes are so funny they often leave me in stitches. Ryo is absolutely... I don't want to use the word "adorable," but there it is. He's terribly compassionate and positively endearing. Koji's... well, he's much like Trowa Barton of Gundam Wing fame. The strong, silent type; but it works for him. Very intelligent, often insightful, and occasionally witty. Natsume is like Ryo, but toned down and with pink hair. And then there's Kanae. Everyone's favourite evil background character. One cannot help but love him. He's so neat! *ahem* But I digress. The characters are wonderfully well-rounded and believable, and only add to the already strong plot. With the exeption of the time when Gawl wears a tube top, Generator Gawl is an excellent anime, and it's a shame that more people haven't realized it yet!