Generator Rex

Season 1 Episode 3

Beyond the Sea

Aired Friday 8:30 PM May 07, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Rex and Bobo decide to have some fun by sneaking off to Cabo Luna for Spring Break. While at the beach, Rex meets an EVO girl named Circe who's on an initiation mission in order to join Van Kleiss' group, The Pack.

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  • Generator Rex takes a nosedive as far as entertainment goes, this episode is dull, predictable and annoying.

    Yikes, I read about this episode and the character of Circe beforehand, but even if I hadn't, I would easily have been able to map out the entire episode, this episode is by the numbers, clichéed garbage, I'm sorry to say, because I loved the first two episodes. Let's dive into it, boy, where to start? Okay, no cool opening set-piece fight with a monster, just a montage of brief encounters with EVO's and boring lectures. Rex goes on a spring break, his attitude is more "in your face" and obnoxious than previously, then Circe appears, I think she's voiced by Tara Strong doing her Raven voice. Look, the episode is dreadfully boring until Breach and Biowulf shows up to fight Agent Six and Rex, Agent Six is awesome as always. The stuff with Circe and Rex then at the end goes from boring to nigh-unwatchable, as the writer(s) hammer in everything, gee, you think she's gonna...yeah, she's conflicted, helps Rex, almost kisses him, then takes a complete 180 turn the next second and joins the villains, hooray, I HATED THIS EPISODE!

    Circe's power is laughable, not because of what it does, just how she looks with it, it's pathetic honestly, it's grotesque, not in a good way, more so she looks completely goofy and ridicilous. Yes, it's the first design I've disliked, in her regular form she ust looks like a standard goth chick. The jokes were lame, and there's just nothing spectacular here, the onlt thing I liked was the fight between Breach, Biowulf and Agent Six. The whole Circe thing, I think we all know how it will play out, or at least it will go one of two ways, 1) she joins Rex and the others in the end, 2) She sacrifices herself to stop Van Kleiss. If it's the latter, okay, if it's the latter, the writers aren't even trying, not that they were trying here. Look, I like the show, not that this review is any indication, but I'm sure this is just some horrible misfire, but I am really sceptic about this whole Circe thing.moreless
  • Rex decides to go on a little vacation after hearing that there's been some Evo activity in Cavo.

    First off, this episode could totally count as a filler episode if only this episode didn't have one detail in it..... the introduction of Circe.

    Circe is an interesting character that I was looking forward to seeing, although Circe's introduction didn't exactly go as I prefered. I expected Circe to be a lonely freak on the street till Rex finds her and finds out she's an Evo. Afterwards I expected her to get an invitation to providence but get intercepted by the pack and joins them instead, although I suppose this version if it was almost as satisfying.

    I have to admit, Circe's abiltiy is extremely ridiculous. The shear look of what kind of a change Circe's mouth goes through before using her powers is so stupid looking it's not even worth laughing at. I would have been so much happier if Circe's mouth didn't change at all turning power usage. In fact, it would have been cooler for Circe's soundwaves to come out of her hands or something. if you guys watched this episode you'd know what I was talking about.moreless

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