Generator Rex

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Thursday 7:00 AM May 14, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • Rex finds out the truth about Noah.

    Well, this was a step up from last week's disaster, but I can't say I enjoyed it all the way through. First off, the opening is terrific, amazing action, cool monster, it's a blast. The rest of the episode is rather mediocre, the monster is not that cool, except for the facial features. On the one hand I am glad Rex found out about Noah this early on, but also there are clichees a plenty, Rex throws a hiss fit and even punches him at one point, I am starting to have problems about Rex's attitude, I thought the first episode and the second in particular were supposed to have him mature a little. Rex is an obnoxious guy really, is he still running away from providence like a brat? Even after Knight said how many valuable resources and money they have to spend looking for him in episode 2. The ending has him going "providence can wait" and runs off again when they send a ship looking for him. Furthermore he is the one who releases the monster, which angered me, because we see it dragging unconcious bodies around, which I presumed were dead, remember the first episode where all the soldiers died looking for Rex?

    Honestly, I am not quite sure I'll bother sticking with the show if Rex remains as inept and annoying, on the plus side, the action is terrific, in the opening, the rest is merely okay, it's so dark, you can't really see much, and the battle between the monster is a bit chaotic. The revelation of the identity of the monster was a nice touch I must say, and again we see Agent Six stepping up to defend people. Actually, I would rather have the show be about him, he is a lot cooler than Rex. Bobo is starting to be really pointless, he is useless in fights and he's only there to make crap jokes.

    This episode is, I guess decent with an amazing opening fight, but Rex is starting to get on my nerves. Here's hoping he matures...quickly.
  • Rex lets a monster lose in the Providence zoo and then finds the truth out about his "best friend"

    The episode starts off with a good Evo fight. I was acually waiting to see the hungry hungry Evo that I saw on the Generator Rex section of and this episode satisfied that wish.

    The Review of the episode all together? I have to say I've done some reviews on several sites, but this is the lowest score I've ever had to give. The lose in points was mostly due to the fact Rex found out about Noah being a spy so early in the series. I mean I would have prefered that he would have found out during the last 4 episodes or so of the first season.... but the 4th episode of the whole series? Dang, next episode I bet they're gana tell who Rex is and then in the 6th episode have him fight Van Cliess and then say "The End"...I'm not saying I want more filler episodes, I'm just saying that they shouldn't rush the series. What the writers need to do is give us itty- bitty tidbits episode by episode. That way we're always left wanting more.

    Something else that slightly contributed to the score I gave this episode is the fact that I saw Six being nice again. When I first saw Six, I expected him to be Mr. White's obediate lapdog that always did what he was told. I expected Six to be a perfect little soldier that never so much as breathed without Mr. White's permission. Don't get me wrong, I don't want Six to become a living clichee, it just doesn't seem canon for Six to be nice.