Generator Rex

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Friday 8:30 PM Dec 10, 2010 on Cartoon Network
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Van Kleiss decides to go after Rex in order to reclaim the nanites that were stolen from him. In doing so, he gains the ability to turn people into EVOs and proceeds with his plan to destroy Providence once and for all.
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  • Had this been a two-parter, it would've been the best episode yet.

    Here we finally have it. An episode related to the series plot. At least it wasn't a filler. Unfortunately, I would have to say that this episode was too fast-paced for me. We only receive a quick intro about how Van Kleiss will destroy Providence, and then it goes right into the theme song. Rex loses his powers, and then gains them right back. The fights were action-packed yet quick and kind of hard to follow. Let's face it, in my opinion, I would've given this episode a perfect 10 had it been a two-parter. If they decided to make it a two-parter, they could have aired one part last Friday then kept the people on edge to see what happens next. Of course, they would not do that. It's not the season finale, so why not just cram it all together into one episode? Figures, I would have loved to see it span out over the course of two episodes. :(moreless
  • a good idea that wasn't executed properly

    for them to get overtaken so easily twice is pathetic. i'd expect their biggest ship and expect providence base to have cannons on it or some sort of protection system. they know that evos are easily killed by electromagnets so why not just use one to take out them on the ship? i also expected warp girl to play a much larger role in the assault considering her ability gives them such a huge tactical advantage. with 2 of van kleiss's puppets down as well looks like we'll get to see more circe action along with maybe some new puppets for the guy. i also hope the plot doesn't keep repeating itself where kleiss needs to drain rex every big battle ep and then rex drains him back cuz its gonna become inuyasha repetitive real fast. i'm really hoping van kleiss didn't keep the power to turn others into evo's cuz he already has an army we don't need a custards last stand where its basically the entire world against rex bobo whiteknight and 6. hopefully while were at it rex can cure the wolf lizard and spider and get some worthy enemy intelligence while from the 2 before circe and warpgirl saves them. if they end up rescued it will be a shame considering they've far outlived their usefulness and the only one who was actually decent strength wise was the wolf and even then he was only better than inexperienced rex pre upgrade.moreless
  • One epic let down

    This episode is perhaps the worst Van Kleiss episode that has been aired by the show. It was nothing more than one thirty-minute let down. We only find out ONE piece of information (what that nanite that Rylander put in Rex does) and we only got to see a few new powers on the part of Rex. For a season finale, after this show has already churned out so many good episode, I would have expected to see more. It would have been cool to get some of the season-long questions (such as who are Rex's parents, where is his family, and what, exactly, is the truth behind the happenings of "The Event"). Instead, I got a power-rangers-esque filler that explained none of the deeper mysteries of the show and only featured Rex trying to get his powers back and re-take Providence headquarters from Van Kleiss. I would have expected some ground to be broken in the Rex/Circe department or some sort of epic last fight, maybe even the end of Van Kleiss (for real this time), but I didn't get any of that. Oh well. I suppose that's what the producers get for making the first nine episodes so epic. You waste all of the quality of the show by using it all up in the first few episodes.moreless

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