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Friday 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 23, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • Matrix mixed with and Teen Drama

    The highlight of the show is the characters. So I will spend most of this review talking about them.

    Rex- Really like able teenager. The people who made the show did really well making him likable. Normally I hate how they portray teenagers in tv shows. He's a very cool character. I like his machines a lot. Also the back story with his brother and his chemistry with Six makes me really enjoy the show more.

    Bobo- Much needed comedic relief .

    Six- Pulled right off the pages of the matrix. I love his back story with Rex I think it sheds a lot of light on there relationship knowing that they spent years growing up together. He is a very serious character but sometimes he is just as funny as Bobo.

    Doctor Holiday- The story with her sister bring a lot of heart to the show. Also The times when she goes into the field makes her grow as a character knowing she's not afraid and that she will try anything the cure her sister.

    I like this show it has flaws like the lack of story in some episodes. Or sometimes I just didn't laugh at a joke. But just from the trailers I had high hopes and it met my standards. The stories are good just sometimes they lack important details. Finally I wasn't big on Circe the only episode that I saw her in it felt like thing I'd seen before. Even though I still liked her part of the Pack(which are great villains for the show) I think giving her that relationship was a bit much. I hope I begin to like her more. The action scenes impressed me only as much as character growth. Toped with pretty good design for the S . Final thoughts the world they build here is very dark for a kids show but they manage to pull some fun into it. I just think the setting right from the beginning tells you what the show is about and that it's for all ages. I've only seen only 6 episodes and I look forward to more.
  • generator rex and ben 10

    hi guys i saw the generator rex and ben 10 team up just then and i gotta say that has to be the best cartoon team up i've ever seen... please whoever creates the show or shows please do more eps like them
  • Best Show In The World

    Generator Rex one of the best show of man of action We should request the creators of show to continue it after Ben 10 Omniverse....

  • CN, you just dont know who to let go early

    Generator Rex was a show that really gave cartoons the boost that they needed. Sadley, I think that the show is getting the too-soon cut like the SWAT Kats. Thus, quality has been going down a lot over the years. Half- decent shows are getting cut after a few episodes while the bad ones go on for seasons and seasons.
  • Killed by the Merch :-(

    So if you are wondering why Generator Rex hadn't been on in a while, and is winding down prematurely, you can thank the most nastiest EVO of them all: The Network Executive.

    I personally would have loved to see Breach's backstory, but thanks to some exective meddling, this story will be the work of some fan fiction or transported into Breach's pocket dimension. ("Ah, ah, ah! No spoilers!")

    So here's how the show crashed: Despite the praise for having a diverse cast and diverse cast of characters, someone didn't read the fine print. The shows contract demanded there be some sort of toy deal if they wanted it to keep going. The video game was a good idea, but toys? Maybe if you were a hardcore collecter of memorabilia.

    Also another flaw with the contract: A limit of 60 episodes. Again, no time for back stories except for the sexy Dr. Holiday, Agent Six, the title Protagonist, and the main arch-vilian. Sorry, pretty/creepy four-armed girl with mental illness, you're story just wasn't as important as "My sister is a giant spider" or the Ophelia goth chick, Circe, who didn't like you. ("Meanie!")

    So that's it. No big comic revival of which this series was based on.

    Perhaps someday a similar story will come along. Vaya con Dios, Rex.
  • Matches my preference!

    This is what I like from "Men of Action"! (the group who made Ben 10) They made a dark themed action-cartoon!

    Plot: An accident happened, an explosion. The explosion also released a massive amount of nanites, a small machines that causes a person to mutate. The mutation is random, if they activated inside the person's body. And then it came into the atmosphere making the whole world covered in it and thus, infecting everyone. Rex Salazar, a 15 year old boy that is infected with nanites, doesn't know his past. Agent Six, from an agency called Providence, found him in the middle of an EVO fight. (EVO, that's how they called the mutants.) When Agent Six saw his abilities, he saw hope! because Rex can absorb nanites, plus, he retains his intelligence. He can control his nanites. Now, he belongs to the Providence, an agency that deals with nanite-related incidents. He tries to find his past with Agent Six and Dr. Holiday's help.

    Characters: Each one has their back story, well dark stories, they have nice agendas and personalities. Unusual ones. Voice acting is excellent.

    Action-Value: The action value also depends from the season. Season 1 is dark, contained deaths and some sad events, it's balanced actually.

    Season 2 lost its darkness, the deaths are not that existent. More focused on the action

    Season 3, when the Black Night came, it became dark again. Such as in order to defeat the Consortium, a creation of the Black Night, he must lost his memory.

    Art: A little differences from their art in Ben 10, really good. Animation is just like before.

    Overall: 10. It's my preference for action-cartoons. Dark themed.
  • Awesome Show!

    Generator Rex follows a boy named Rex who works for this agency called Providence who works to cure the world of these little machines called nanites which can turn people into these things called evo's. Rex can take control of Nanites and create different machines from his body and has the ability to cure evo's. The show is basically just a straight up beat em up show and doesnt skip a beat on the action, with all the crap that has been on CN for the last couple of years it is nice to see a decent cartoon finally.
  • Where do I buy merchandise for my Generator Rex obsessed 5 year old daughter?


    My daughter is absolutely obsessed with Generator Rex. But I can't find any merchandise to buy for Christmas?? Where do I find some, or does it not exist? Help please!!

    We all love the show and watch it constantly. We would also like to know if it has been released on DVD yet, so we can watch the whole series again in sequence.


  • Generator Rex centers on a 15 year old kid with the ability to generate machines out of his body

    WOW! I am just obsessed with this show! I haven't seen a show this well written on Cartoon Network since The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest! ( early 90's). I remember when I saw the first trailer of the series. The show looked really promising just from the preview. And after watching the first five episodes, I became so obsessed with the show to the point I can't stop thinking about the next episodes. Cartoon Network has been putting out a lot of crappy shows lately. (Like Adult Swim, Chowder, Total Drama Action, Madd) I remember the days when the only show I could watch was Ben 10. But now, Cartoon Network is coming back strong. And Rex is definitely the start of the next Generation for Cartoon Network. I am hoping Rex will be made into a movie in the future. I think this show will go really far.
  • I had moderate expectations for the show and yet...I was blown away.

    I haven't been blow up away by a show like this since...a new show premieres on Kids'WB! (Yes, I love Kids' WB! to with it.)

    I love this show now. The first episode is truly amazing. I admit the teaser started risky as a high-gain and high-loss...and high-gain it truly was. With Rex narrating the beginning of it truly stands out and let us get into his head.

    The characters all have distinct personalities thus allowing each of them to contribute to the show. Rex is the young hotshot. Agent Six is the serious, impassive man who can explain everything in just three words...truly ALPHA. The doctor wants him but he has the flaw of connecting with people. The monkey (which I thought was going to ruin the show completely down the drain) actually suprises me with his cynical, sarcastic humor. One such favorite lines I'm dying to use is " sandpaper. He's the new type of comic relief. Even the best friend can contribute to the series because he's got a secret with Providence. Even the main villain is kick-ass with his allies. I already love the characters...all of them.

    The score of the show is entirely hardcore metal which matches VERY, VERY, VERY well with this show surprisingly. I don't like the theme song but I am so happy that it is sooooo short. They even got that right. I expect that from the "Man of Action."

    The scene, the artwork, and especially the directing style is an absolute victory. The character's design are flawless that it even complements their personalities. The environments are realistic because the lighting and shadow are filled with so much depth. The directing style (especially in animation) of how they transition to one scene to another is breaking the fourth wall.

    I rarely write positive reviews for a show especially one that premieres on that night of the review. I know the CN promos belittled this show to humility but check out this show because it will surprises it has won me over.
  • A great show that balances light-heartedness with intrigue.

    When you look at movie trailers today, you see every movie trying to be epic by being dramatic and dark. This really bugs me, especially when their taking something like G.I. Joe, Transformers, or Robin Hood, and making them look brooding when they shouldn't be. There seems to be a notion going around that making something dark automatically makes it mature, or that if it isn't dark it can't be mature, which isn't the case. This is why I think Generator Rex is such a great cartoon. It takes itself seriously when it needs to, but it evens itself out with clever writing, flashy visuals and unique characters. The creative team knows the way to balance the Animaniac-like banter with the Gargoyles-esque maturity. It proves that material doesn't have to be dark to be mature. In fact, at times, its more mature than the Hollywood blockbusters. I highly reccomend this cartoon to anyone who ... well, anyone in general.
  • Pretty cool... when it focuses on the action

    When I first saw the promotions for this show, I thought that it would be pretty cool. I'm glad to say that I was right. This show does a fine job at balancing action, intrigue, a little romance, and a fair amount of mystery into one extremely dangerous package. The only real threat to this show becoming a hit that I see is the inclusion of filler episodes. Like so many other good shows, Generator Rex features a fairly great plot line when it focuses on that plot line and not stand alone stories about dealing with monster attacks. This show is good, but in order to stay good, the show will have to stick to what brought it to the proverbial dance: kick-butt stories featuring Van Kleiss and Circe, with Rex's mysterious past in the backdrop.
  • Not too bad

    This show isn't all that bad really. It's about a boy who has been experimented on and can change into powers and weapons with his hands. So far, it seems pretty good for the most part. The action is pretty intense for a cartoon show, and also pretty cool I think. The only thing I don't like is the storyline. I think it's kinda cliched (Rex looks for dad, Rex stops evil villian from destroying world) and often times it take preceedence over the action. Overall, this is a decent show off to a great start, and I would recommend it to you if you want to watch something on CN that doesn't make you feel like your high. 8/10 B-
  • thsi is a decent 8.5 maybe 9.0 show for now... action packed at parts...moves a little too fast sometimes..but overall it beats the hell out of ben 10 alien force..that show is overdundent i think

    it action packed sometimes...moves a little too fast sometimes..but overall it beats the hell out of ben 10 alien force..that show is overdundent i think.
    whatever tthat means lolz.
    I sure wish that at least this show gets picked up for at least one live action movie.
    It would be cool to see what they can come up with.
    Especially the transformations that rex makes.
    Anywayz...i sure hope this show gets better and better..
    I dont want it to be one of those shows where I like it at first but then have to move on and watch something radder.. lolz but for now iz okayz.
  • Off to a VERY good start.

    In the spiraling pool of darkness I like to call television, there are a few points of light that shine through, and Generator Rex is defentiely one of those. The show as a whole reminds me a lot of Ben 10, but aimed more towards an older audiance. A lot of the jokes are pretty much hit or miss though. The character designs and personalities and creative and interesting [Biowulf FTW!], the action is pretty epic, the animation is nice and crisp, and overall, it just feels like a good show. I will defenitely be watching more of this. Now I expected a little more from the show, but it is just the first episode after all. We'll need to see how the series progresses. My main thing is the opening. Seriously? Like 15 seconds long? LAME.
  • I love this show but the creators made a mistake. We aren't even 10 episodes in and we've had a short intro, a love interst, Dr.'s sis, betrayal and next is someone who knows Rex. Either there isn't much faith in the show or it's just bad stroy telling.

    I love this show but the creators are making a mistake. There aren't even 10 episodes out yet and already we've had a short begining episode that barely tells us anything except an enemy for future episodes, a tacky love interst, something about Dr. Holidays family, a betrayal and the next one will have someone who knows Rex. Either they don't have too much faith in this series and are trying to pile on everything now or just aren't very good at stroy telling. Two Words - PACE YOURSELF -! Space things out and don't come up with mysteries you don't intend to solve in the future. We need to learn more of the past instead of just dealing with it as it comes along. And we really need to learn more about the characters.
  • Very interesting already!

    I wasn't sure if I should see this at first because it just looked decent. So, I watched it just for the heck of it, and I got hooked right away. This show looks very different once you see it. A lot of action was seen in just the first episode. Man of Action did an awesome job. The fact that Rex has no memory of his past before the explosion puts a great twist in the story. The thing that the main character is always trying to get to. I love the animation too, just like Ben 10, it's short, sweet, and to the point. Except for the EVOs which are brilliantly detailed and designed. I'm already a big fan of this show and I can see it getting better. The only thing I would change is how long the intro. is. I think 20 seconds is nothing. But other than that, it's an awesome show!
  • They haven't made a show like this since forever!

    And this show is on Cartoon Network! This isn't your ordinarily dumb show like Chowder or Flapjack, it has great action scenes, and great plots to boot! For example, the most recent episode "Breached" was really epic. I mean it started off amazingly (most shows can't do that anymore) and had a great plot. I t keeps you wanting to watch it to find out what happens to it in the end, even if you have seen the episode already! It is actually one of those shows where it is worthwhile to sit through the vast amounts of commercials. In fact, the only problem I have with this show is how short the opening song is and those stupid commercials!