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  • Matrix mixed with and Teen Drama

    The highlight of the show is the characters. So I will spend most of this review talking about them.

    Rex- Really like able teenager. The people who made the show did really well making him likable. Normally I hate how they portray teenagers in tv shows. He's a very cool character. I like his machines a lot. Also the back story with his brother and his chemistry with Six makes me really enjoy the show more.

    Bobo- Much needed comedic relief .

    Six- Pulled right off the pages of the matrix. I love his back story with Rex I think it sheds a lot of light on there relationship knowing that they spent years growing up together. He is a very serious character but sometimes he is just as funny as Bobo.

    Doctor Holiday- The story with her sister bring a lot of heart to the show. Also The times when she goes into the field makes her grow as a character knowing she's not afraid and that she will try anything the cure her sister.

    I like this show it has flaws like the lack of story in some episodes. Or sometimes I just didn't laugh at a joke. But just from the trailers I had high hopes and it met my standards. The stories are good just sometimes they lack important details. Finally I wasn't big on Circe the only episode that I saw her in it felt like thing I'd seen before. Even though I still liked her part of the Pack(which are great villains for the show) I think giving her that relationship was a bit much. I hope I begin to like her more. The action scenes impressed me only as much as character growth. Toped with pretty good design for the S . Final thoughts the world they build here is very dark for a kids show but they manage to pull some fun into it. I just think the setting right from the beginning tells you what the show is about and that it's for all ages. I've only seen only 6 episodes and I look forward to more.