Generator Rex

Friday 8:30 PM on Cartoon Network Premiered Apr 23, 2010 Between Seasons





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  • Killed by the Merch :-(

    So if you are wondering why Generator Rex hadn't been on in a while, and is winding down prematurely, you can thank the most nastiest EVO of them all: The Network Executive.

    I personally would have loved to see Breach's backstory, but thanks to some exective meddling, this story will be the work of some fan fiction or transported into Breach's pocket dimension. ("Ah, ah, ah! No spoilers!")

    So here's how the show crashed: Despite the praise for having a diverse cast and diverse cast of characters, someone didn't read the fine print. The shows contract demanded there be some sort of toy deal if they wanted it to keep going. The video game was a good idea, but toys? Maybe if you were a hardcore collecter of memorabilia.

    Also another flaw with the contract: A limit of 60 episodes. Again, no time for back stories except for the sexy Dr. Holiday, Agent Six, the title Protagonist, and the main arch-vilian. Sorry, pretty/creepy four-armed girl with mental illness, you're story just wasn't as important as "My sister is a giant spider" or the Ophelia goth chick, Circe, who didn't like you. ("Meanie!")

    So that's it. No big comic revival of which this series was based on.

    Perhaps someday a similar story will come along. Vaya con Dios, Rex.