Generator Rex

Season 1 Episode 2

String Theory

Aired Thursday 7:00 AM Apr 30, 2010 on Cartoon Network

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  • The show "Generator Rex" makes a strong second step forward in this hit series

    The episode basically starts off when Rex is debriefed on an Evo infestation taking place in new york. The infestation is caused by this strange Evo with a giant brain with a mouth for a head. Basically what the Evo does is it can take control of the nanites inside a person's body weither they're malfunctioning or not. Afterwards the person is completely under the Evo's control. At first, it's easy for Rex to get close enough to the Evo so he can use his curing ability, but there's a twist.... Rex can't cure it. This leads to a problem wih Providence. Mr. White (the boss of Providance) wants to nuke the entire section of the city so he can kill the Evo and all of the infected people before they reach the other parts of the city... but Rex isn't about to let that happen. Rex has a feeling that the Evo wants to be cured... but something is keeping it from letting Rex cure it. They soon learn that the Evo is the father of a daughter being held in Providence captivity. So after a little conversation.. Rex cures the Evo and stops the bomb about to blow up new york... happy ending.