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Monday 4:30 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered May 29, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • highly underrated.

    i cant believe the feedback this show is geting, genie in the house isn't bad at all, i think because its episodes are abit cheesy, and so are the characters, but its still great fun an highly enjoyable, and i think its def better than most shows on Nick, they include neds declassified, unfabulous, and even zoey 101!.
    the only shows that are really worth watching are genie in the house, Icarly, H20, and ofcourse drake and josh, the best show to ever air on nick, and i think there coming back for a last season, starting with a chrismas special, i hope genie in the house make even more new episodes!.
  • Genie in the House is one of the worst TV Shows of all time. No joke.

    I'm not joking, just don't bother. The humour isn't funny in the least, the scenery looks cheap and the acting sucks. This show is also extremely predictable. In almost every episode the girls ask Adil, the genie, for a wish. He then messes up and as a result they have to to find the
    resolution to the problem created. You would have thought that after a while the girls would realize that this failure of a genie will never do anything right. It's kind of like in That's So Raven. Raven always has a bad vision and in her attempt at avoiding it she ends up causing it. She never realizes that she should just leave things be. However unlike this mess that show can occasionally be entertaining.
  • ok show

    Ok, this show didnt turn out as bad as it looks. I mean yea, the originality isnt there. The settings look seriously fake. The jokes are corny. The acting isnt 'convincing'. But this show is really, in a way, nice. Im not sure what make me think this show is alright. I mean i dont think this show deserves at 5+ (even though i did give it 5.5). i think that well, they should really improve this show. Make the genie more genie. Make the special effects more er... special. But seriously, this show should be at least be worth watching 1 episode.
  • Two girls find an old lamp in the attic of their house and they find a genie who can grant any kind of wish, however it does not always turn out the way they want!

    Hey everyone, I watch this show when it first premiered on TV in Malaysia. At first, I didn't know too well about the show but as I watched it, I began to like to like the show. I was very shocked when I found out on that it only recieved 5.0 rating? Is the show that boring? In Malaysia, it is shown on weekends at 7:30 pm and I always try to watch the show if I have the chance. It is pretty funny when you see that a wish granted that went wrong! Anyway,what I am trying to say is this show isn't that bad,people! So I am giving this show a rating of 8.1
  • This show is just rubbish.

    Honestly, in my opinion this is definitely one of the worst Nick shows ever. As much as I try to watch episodes of this show, it's just too excruciating to watch that I always end up changing the channel.
    The theme tune is horrible, and is plain irritating, plus the rest doesn't redeem itself either.

    The storylines aren't even interesting and I laugh in sympathy at how the producers and the Nick company even see the point in airing this.

    It's a waste of Nick's talent and should be dumped because its sad to see what this generation of Nick viewers are in for. Bring back the good stuff! And get rid of this dry programme.

    When I first saw an advert last year, I thought it'd be good. Turns out I was utterly disappointed.
  • Bad!!

    Genie in the House is the worst show ever, it is a complete waste of space and I really hope it does get cancelled. I have only watched one episode and it was the worst thing I have ever watched in my entire life. The jokes are bad. I Can't belive it was approved by Nick. It is about two sisters who find a lamp in there attic. Somehow it has a Genie in it. The Genie does magic for them and there dad.I think that is about 90 words. I think the Theme Song is probably one of the worst things about Genie in the House.
  • Why should people watch this piece of junk when they can watch cool stuff like Drake & Josh, Ned's Declassified and Hannah Montanna?

    As soon as I saw the previews, I knew this was going to be one of the worst Nick Shows ever. The acting is cheap, the jokes are lame and the story line makes no sense at all what so ever. It is about two teenage girls who find a lamp in their attic, and of course there happens to be a genie who grants wishes inside. Anyway, I say that this show is a lame waste of time that has no hope of ever reaching the standards of the greats like Drake & Josh or Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.
  • it so stupid

    I mean after i watched one episode i thought it sucked .Who would watch it its just crap .Nick has to make better shows i mean the genie sound like a stupid idiot he even looks like a stupid idiot. So if you havent watched it yet dont because its crap. I mean there are lots of better shows like Drake and Josh. Its a good thing that this show got canceled its because it sucks ! it sucks ! it sucks ! it sucks ! it sucks ! it sucks ! it sucks ! it sucks ! it sucks !.
  • Genie in the House was intended to be a brilliant and funny new comedy for Nick UK. Unfortunately, it isn't quite that.

    It's simple. There are many television shows around, and this certainly isn't one of the best. The special effects aren't too bad, but the acting and episode stories are rather disappointing. Nick UK created the show around the idea of a new, hilariously entertaining comedy. It turned out to be a somewhat boring, annoying 'thing'.

    First of all, the sounds. Unless you like the kind of sounds, you'll find the music at the start of every scene extremely annoying.

    Second, the acting. The acting isn't good. Very little emotion and personality is put into the acting. One example of this is when Sophie (one of the main characters) lost her job, and instead of sounding upset, merely muttered the words 'Oh no, that was my boss. I've been fired'.

    Third, special effects. That's one thing about Genie in the House that does deserve a small amount of praise. It's not quite Hollywood blockbuster style special effects, but there are some there nonetheless. They try to make it look like Adil (the genie) is a real genie!

    To conclude; I personally do not like the show, as you may have gathered. You might like it, and that's fine. Enjoy the show!
  • Cheesy, cheap, even the set looks unrealistic.

    Having aired many shows from Nick US and ITV, Nick UK decided to pull their finger out and make something of thier own.

    They failed.

    This show, which hasn't even left Nick UK yet, really is utterly pointless. Considering it's supposed to be for teenagers, the plot is bad enough. We've all heard of Aladin, but do we really need a comedic version? Well, maybe, but this isn't one.

    All the little things, like the laughter track being too high-pitched, add up to this being nothing but terrible.

    There really is, and was, not logic in this. Somebody came up with an idea, somebody put it in to words, somebody built a set, somebody acted on it.
  • This is one of the most retarded shows i have ever seen!

    OK,Genie in the House is a British UK sitcom made by Nick UK themselves and of course they did not succeed they failed to make a great show.This show is about two teenage girls who move into a house and at first they find it quite boring until they find an old lamp in which a genie comes out and then they like their new home. OK,this show is dead corny and retarded the comedy is'nt even funny it's LAME! Little kids and Nick UK lovers will love this and i do like Nick UK only for the shows they show(except the British ones) Yes,i added this show to so i could contibute to it but anyways this show needs to be cancelled at once the two seasons have ended but the show might return for a third season.Oh well still this is my opinion about this show being stupid and you can't change my mind about it and just because i'm editor for it does'nt mean i like it.
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