Genie In The House - Season 1

Monday 4:30 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered May 29, 2006 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Witch Way
    Witch Way
    Episode 26
    To help Sophie get her homework finished so they can go to a party, Emma wishes her sister could meet the great medieval feminist, Lady Isabella. Sophie and Adil end up back in the 13th century and discover Isabella is too busy doing housework to be a feminist. Believing her to be a wealthy princess, the Duke of Ellington, Isabella's macho cousin, wants to marry Sophie. Meanwhile, Emma must help another tyrant - her father - to clean up on her own.moreless
  • Mommie Dearest
    Mommie Dearest
    Episode 25
  • I Love Adil!
    I Love Adil!
    Episode 24
    Sophie wishes that her dad could be happy and when Adil asks Phillip what could make him happy he wishes for a more exciting job. He is now a stunt man thanks to Adil. Meanwhile,Emma prepares Adil for a date with his secret lover but the so called "secret admirer" turns out to be Emma's worst enemy Annabell Scott and Emma does not trust her but Adil is smitten about this. But when Annabell finds out that Adil is a genie she reveals her true personality.moreless
  • Emma TV
    Emma TV
    Episode 23
    When Emma wishes that she could be exactly like the presenter of a pop show on television,Adil grants it but turns the Norton household into a television studio. Phillip is the director of the studio and Uncle Max is the producer and Adil becomes the presenter of the studio. But soon stardom goes to Adil's head and Emma and Sophie must imitate two popstars so that they trick Adil into bringing everything back to normal again.moreless
  • Me Me Me!
    Me Me Me!
    Episode 22
    When no one is interested in Sophie's beautiful floral display she wishes that everyone would take more notice of her. Adil grants it but things go wrong everyone is paying attention to Sophie she's even on covers on the newspapers and the photographers are waiting outside the front door to take her photograph. A jealous Emma tells the media everything they don't know about her sister. Sophie's had enough of being popular but when Adil tries to reserve the spell Emma becomes invisible. What will Emma do then?moreless
  • No Time Like the Future
    When Phillip invents a toaster which can cut the crust off the toast and Emma wishes that it were 6:00p.m the time for her favourite show,Adil sends the house into the centuries of the future. Phillip's toaster mutates into an andrioid population which has taken over the world and locks people into zoos and it refers Phillip as the Great Creator. Sophie,Emma and Phillip really need Adil's help to send them back into their own time but where is Adil? In the future there is no sight of the genie.moreless
  • Election Selection
    Election Selection
    Episode 20
    When Sophie is upset just because the school is cutting down on library hours she stands for election to the school council. When Emma is jealous of Sophie she decides she should stand for election too. Meanwhile,Phillip is regretting to teach Adil how to play table tennis. Adil is so good that Phillip suggets that he should be in the annual local tournament in his place and Adil must find a way to give Phillip his morale back to him. Meanwhile,Sophie uses magic to win votes Emma also uses magic to win votes as well.moreless
  • For You Spies
    For You Spies
    Episode 19
    After Emma sees a James Bond movie she thinks she is a spy and wishes that real life could be exactly like the movie is but when Adil grants the wish things go wrong again. Sophie turns into a supervillain and she kidnaps Adil and she torture-tickles him to force Emma that she must hand over her diamond rings. Caroline,who is working for the evil Sophie kidnaps Phillip as well and Emma must save Adil and Phillip before Caroline and Sophie turn them into bad guys.moreless
  • Out of Our Minds
    Out of Our Minds
    Episode 18
    When Emma and Phillip wish that they could know what it was like to be each other,Adil grants the wish and they switch bodies. Phillip(really Emma) has to deliver a presentation to a client with Max and Emma(really Phillip) has to rehearse for the school play with the boy that Emma is in love with and they embarrasingly act out the love scene from the play Romeo and Juliet.moreless
  • Game On
    Game On
    Episode 17
    When Emma plays a video game set in the ancient Egypt times she wishes that the mummy will not be blocking her way but when Adil grants it but when it goes away it is in their very own house. Meanwhile,Sophie shows Phillip her cool project which is a design for a fountain pen and Phillip tries to make a bigger version of the pen.moreless
  • Living Doll
    Living Doll
    Episode 16
    When Sophie and Emma are giving their old toys to charity,Emma wishes that she could be like her Lindy Lou doll but when Adil grants the wish he gets it wrong(as usual) and he makes the doll come alive. Meanwhile,Uncle Max tells Phillip that he has officially left his wife but when he sees the alive Lindy Lou doll,Max thinks his bachelor dreams have finally came true.moreless
  • Control Freak
    Control Freak
    Episode 15
    Phillip thinks the girls have forgotten about his birthday but meanwhile he goes to see a football match,Sophie,Adil and Emma prepare a surprise birthday party for him. When Sophie and Emma wish that the remote control will work properly,Adil fixes it but when Phillip returns they use the remote to pause Phillip and they fast foward the preparations and they rewind their mistakes but things go wrong when they accidentally press the wrong button.moreless
  • Do You Want To Dance?(a.k.a Dance Dance Dance)
    When Emma is chosen to represent her dance in a television contest,Phillip is smitten by Emma's dance teacher and decides to join too. Emma wishes that Phillip could dance and Adil digs up some magic shoes. When Phillip wears the magic shoes,he dances very well. In fact he dances so good that the teacher decides to reject Emma and enters the contest with Phillip. Meanwhile,Sophie has a new pet which is a tarantula.moreless
  • Gnome Sweet Gnome
    Gnome Sweet Gnome
    Episode 13
    When Emma wants a new pair of shoes,she starts a yard sale. Meanwhile,Phillip has a crush on the woman at the Garden Centre and when she comes to the house to return Phillip's wallet back to him,Adil turns Phillip into a garden home by accident. When Emma is looking for things to sell she finds a gnome which looks exactly like Phillip.moreless
  • Maxed Out
    Maxed Out
    Episode 12
    When Uncle Max accidentally lets Adil out of the lamp,he's pleased to have a new master. But Max realizes what has happened and he wishes to be president of the whole world but Sophie and Emma decide that he is going too far and Adil agrees with them and they must find a way to trick Max into putting Adil back into the magic lamp.moreless
  • Rock Me Amadeus
    Rock Me Amadeus
    Episode 11
    Emma is jealous when her enemy at school has impressed all the boys in music class by writing a good song. She wishes that she would have some help and Adil brings the greatest musician ever Mozart who falls in love with Sophie and demands that she becomes his muse. Meanwhile,Adil gets a magic carpet and Phillip breaks a rule(which is his own of course) and takes the carpet for the ride.moreless
  • Kidding Around
    Kidding Around
    Episode 10
    Sophie tries to teach Adil how to un-wish a wish but Adil inadvertently turns Phillip into a 9 year old kid. But when Uncle Max visits to see Phillip,Sophie must try to have a way to change Phillip back. Adil tries but everytime he tries to change him back he gets it wrong and then turns Phillip into an old man. Meanwhile,Caroline has a blind date and persuades Emma to be her style coach.moreless
  • Cuckoo in the Lamp
    Cuckoo in the Lamp
    Episode 9
    When Emma rubs the magic lamp, a new genie named ''Abdab'' appears. He claims to be the rightful resident of the magic lamp and he also reveals that Adil has never graduated from genie school which seems to be the reason why the wishes go wrong. Meanwhile,Emma is happy to have her wishes correct at last,Sophie helps Adil get rid of the ursurper.moreless
  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool
    Episode 8
    Phillip is losing his patience when he is behind a job for Max. Sophie and Emma wish he was a bit more mellow,so that he'll let them have a party that evening but Adil goes a bit far and Phillip turns into a hippy. The new cool Phillip does not want the party to stop but still has to come up with a design for Max's German client.moreless
  • Girlband
    Episode 7
    Emma is desperate to have an entry at a talent contest and asks Sophie if she could be her partner. But Sophie is not sure if she has enough confidence to be Emma's partner at the talent contest so she wishes that she could have more confidence. Adil grants her wish but Sophie becomes so confident that she enters the talent contest on her own which leaves Emma to find a new partner. Adil makes sure that the new partner is him but when Sophie enters the stage the wish wears off and Adil has trouble with wearing his wig.moreless
  • Teacher Adil
    Teacher Adil
    Episode 6
    Sophie wishes that Phillip wasn't so obsessed with his work and that he listens to every word that she says and Emma wishes that her history teacher would be less boring than she is but when Adil grants them their wish things go wrong, Phillip obeys every word that Sophie says annoyingly and Emma's new history teacher happens to be Adil. When Adil is now Emma's history teacher he trades places with boring Mr.Hull and now Mr. Hull is the one with the magic powers.moreless
  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love
    Episode 5
    Adil changes the puppy into a "good boy" and Sophie thinks the puppy is her blind date. Phillip and Max appear on a shopping channel to present their new invention which is a hand spa but when Emma tells Adil to buy 25 hand spas he orders 25,000 instead of 25. Sophie falls for the cute "Rascal" and Emma must find a way to tell her that her blind date is really the puppy.moreless
  • Say Cheese
    Say Cheese
    Episode 4
    When Sophie deletes a photo of Phillip taken in front of the Mona Lisa painting by accident,Emma decides to remake the photo with the help of Adil by bringing the whole world's famous from the Lourve. When Adil destroys it,Sophie and Emma wish for the creator of the painting to come and they ask him to paint a new one, the creator of the painting Leonardo da Vinci seems to be Phillip's hero as well.moreless
  • Cave Dad
    Cave Dad
    Episode 3
    Phillip is trying to make a better soda can which will impress an American business man who is coming over to dinner. Meanwhile,Emma wants to know if the family has any ancestors for her homework and Phillip tells her that there is an inventor in the family and Emma wishes that she could meet him but Adil goes a bit far and the ancestor turns out to be a caveman from the Dinosaur ages.moreless
  • My New Best Friend
    My New Best Friend
    Episode 2
    When Emma wishes that her goldfish tricks could impress her teacher,Adil grants it but as usual he gets it wrong the goldfish instead of being swimmers they become singers. Meanwhile,Sophie thinks she is a victim of her geography teacher and she wishes that the teacher will like her alot and when Adil grants that wish not only is the teacher kind to Sophie she also wants her to be her best friend too.moreless
  • The Clones
    The Clones
    Episode 1
    Emma and Sophie really need to get ready for the party but Phillip wants them to clean the kitchen first. Soon Phillip finds out that they had used Adil's powers to clean the kitchen and as punishment he doesn't allow Emma and Sophie to go to the party.