Season 1 Episode 8

Comparative Research in Production Models and Processes

Aired Unknown Nov 28, 2004 on TV Tokyo
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Comparative Research in Production Models and Processes
Episode 8 begins with Saki coming to the Genshiken room only to find Madarame and Kugapi playing video games. Ohno, Sasahara, and Tanaka then arrive to show off their latest purchase: plastic model kits/plamos. Saki, however, wonders why they are so excited about toys like that. So Tanaka has to explain how unlike toys, plamos have to be built so it's more personal to those who built them. Saki, of course, can't care less. The next day, Tanaka is seen teaching Ohno and Sasahara step by step in building their model. They, however, become nervous when Saki comes into the room because she inadvertently dropped Tanaka's plamo while playing with it the day before. Feeling that she's out of place, Saki decides to get out of the room and smoke-chained her way. While doing so, she encounters Kitagawa who tells her that the other clubs next to Genshiken have complained that their room smells like paint thinners.moreless

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  • Model Building Epic

    This is one of my favorate episodes of the series, it's funny because there is some acutally truth to it.

    I'll be honest I'm not an anime model collector which is why I don't have a big collection, I have a few "Star Wars" and "Gundam" models but I do like building them and when I'm in the right mood once in a long while I do get at least one box set.

    I love how a couple of the characters explain to the rookies the importantice of building the Gundam models, it was just funny how seriously they talked about it but those facts were all true. I even like their shear enthusiasm over it, in a way building and completing a model does give you a gratifing feeling because you know you've built something of great detail and scale with your own hands.

    And I even like how the whole model building both Saharra and Ohno do and there reactions by the minute plays out like a suspense thriller which makes all the more funny because even that is true. One mistake building those models is always deadly, because models aren't repairable. It's always an awful feeling for something bad to happen to them, all your hard work would be for nothing.

    Though what really helps make this episode great is as usual Saki herself. Her character is at her best, once again she exercises Otaku denial even though we can clearly see in reality she is interested. One favorate scene was when one character lets Saki handle a Gundam model. That was a bad idea because it is always the number one cardnal rule in model building, never ever let anyone else handle your models except yourself no matter what the reason or circumstances don't do it. Seeing Saki handle the model was both funny and suspenseful they should of had a bigger suspenseful score on that moment may'be the "Jaws" score would of been cool. But then when Saki accidently drops it I was in both shock and laughed at the same time when we then hear the sound effects from the show "Moble Suit Gundam" of a mech blowing up; thankful that model was unharmed.

    But I think what really made Saki's character was seeing her actually defending her club and what Ohno and Saharra is doing, from some other club whom are acting like real buttheads. Their complaing about the glue and paint thinner smell but when I put my model outside to dry I can hardly smell it and it doesn't really last so long, so their probably using it as a mere excuse for their club to mussle in even though in reality their club is practically useless.

    The ending is both funny but a little sad at the same time, I won't say what it is you have to see for yourself. Modeling isn't just building it's an epic of great porportions.moreless
  • Important step in Saki's development.

    This is probably the best episode yet that shows the way Saki is struggling to come to terms with the fact that she is fascinated by the otaku culture.

    In the episode Tanaka teaches Ohno and Sasahara how to build Gundam style robot models. Saki pretends to find the whole exercise a stupid waste of time. Yet, despite her protestations, she is obviously pretty interested in the activity and even seems jealous of the fact that Ohno is doing something she is taking so much pride in.

    This is all good character development for her character and I think it is handled as realistically as would be expected for an animated show like this.

    The end of the episode is rather heartbreaking and is a great scene in which Saki is shown to be much more vulnerable than we have seen her in the past.moreless
Tomokazu Seki

Tomokazu Seki

Soichiro Tanaka

Ayako Kawasumi

Ayako Kawasumi

Kanako Ohno

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Nobuyuki Hiyama

Harunobu Madarame

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Yuji Ueda

Genshiken Chairman

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Mitsuki Saiga

Makoto Kousaka

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Kenji Nomura

Mitsunori Kugayama

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