Gentle Ben

CBS (ended 1969)





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  • A childhood favorite. I always loved the Ivan Tors Animal shows - Flipper & Gentle Ben were my two of the best. And though Lassie was not a Tors, we can't forget her either.

    Gentle Ben was a movie that became a Tv Show and it starred Clint Howard, younger brother to Ron Howard. It had a Gentle Giant - Ben the bear and Dennis Weaver as the Father who was also a Florida Park Ranger.
    What a great show! Each week was some excitement and some moral lesson to be learned. Listen to your parents. Don't get into trouble. Don't go outside the boundaries (of the great florida everglades) because who knows what is lurking there.
    Not all of us were lucky enough to grow up with Bears at our side, but Gentle Ben brought that fantasy into our living room. The issues that they tried to touch us with helped to frame our childish minds.
    I remember the big fan/air boats and them whizzing around the 'glades in them. The opening credits made it all look so fun. They had a family in an interesting dynamic. Living amongst the wilderness and showing us that it could be done. Ben helped that by showing all of us that bears can be human too and have hearts.