George and Martha

HBO (ended 2000)


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  • This is one of the MOST underated cartoons in history!

    This show is about a hippo couple named George and Martha , they live in the joyous town of Happy Palms , why would this last only 2 seasons ! This cartoon beats every single crappy cartoon on air.
  • So, so cute.

    Everything’s perfect in the little town of Happy Palms! Or so it seems… Two best friends, George and Martha, face the obstacles of life and friendship together, and always succeed when working co-operatively. Oh, yeah, and they’re hippos!

    Based on the novels by James Marshall and Maurice Sendak, George and Martha is adapted perfectly for TV. It’s bright, colourful and beautifully drawn. All the characters are gorgeous, each with their own quirk that adds something to the ring of friends in Happy Palms. The messages in the story are clear to children, and the morals are very ethical. The friendships between all the characters are wonderfully enacted, and problems are settled in a simple and productive way.

    I’m a sucker for George and Martha! Not only are some of my favourite actors part of the voice cast, including Nathan Lane, Andrea Martin, Colin Mochrie and Kathy Greenwood from Whose Line is it Anyway, and Debra McGrath, but the storylines are enjoyable for people of all ages, with the subtle, more adult jokes incorporated into each episode. George and Martha really is a family experience.