George Lopez: America's Mexican

Season 1 Episode 1

George Lopez: America's Mexican

Aired Saturday 10:00 PM Feb 24, 2007 on HBO
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George Lopez: America's Mexican
Comedian George Lopez makes his solo stand-up debut on HBO in George Lopez: America's Mexican. The show was taped in front of a live audience at Dodge Theater in Phoenix.

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    Carlos Mencia

    Carlos Mencia

    Male Mexican

    Guest Star

    Aimee Garcia

    Aimee Garcia

    Female Mexican

    Guest Star

    George Eads

    George Eads

    White Man

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Carlos and George are talking, there is a feather laying on the stage. When the camera goes to Aimee back to them, it's gone.

      • When George is carrying the clipboard, there is a piece of paper on it. But when he puts it on the floor, the paper is gone.

    • QUOTES (18)

      • George: One time I invested some money in a stock. Then it went down, and I lost money. I was so broke, I used a rock as a pillow. Then when I woke up, I had an ant in my ear. Gee, I wonder where that came from!

      • George: One time I dropped some chocolate on the floor, and my friend's mom picked it up. Then I said, "You know dogs aren't supposed to have chocolate!"

      • George: When I was maybe 20, I was like the Tiger Woods of hockey. Well, until I ran out of quarters, that is.

      • George: You know my nickname in high school? Fathead. You know why? Oh, I'm sure you know why!

      • George: You know the only good thing about gay marriages? You only have to one striper.

      • George: When I was a kid, I was forced to eat some of the nastiest food on the planet! My mom told me to eat liver and onions one time. You know what I said? "Do you know where that cow's ass has been?"

      • George: You know what really bugs me? All these damn activists protesting about people eating meat. I have a good idea, how about someone eats them? Then, they can't complain anymore!

      • George: When I was maybe, I don't know, seven or eight years old, I started wondering about beanbag chairs. So one day, I actually ripped a hole in my beanbag chair, and tried to eat the beans inside. They tasted damn good, but I couldn't swallow them without choking!

      • George: I was always afraid of the dark when I was a kid. I was so scared, one time I actually tried to sleep with my eyes open. It didn't work... but it was a damn good idea though!

      • George: I just love the internet. It makes the world such a small place. Or a very, very big place... I'm not sure.

      • George: I always hated school. It was so boring, I used to actually cut myself. Seriously, that's how boring it was. The teacher used to ask me, "Whats the answer to this problem?" You know what my reply would be? "Ow."

      • George: I think in the next few years, there'll be another war between Mexico and the USA. Help me pick a side!

      • George: There's something I don't get. Is there any such thing as a Black Mexican? Seriously, has anyone every seen one?

      • Female Mexican: Hey, Mr. Lopez! I heard your America's Mexican. Is that true?
        George: Yeah... Why do you ask?
        Female Mexican: How dare you sell out your home country?! (slaps George)
        George: I'll tell you why: money!

      • George: So, this is my first comedy special. What am I supposed to say? Oh, I got it! Black Mexicans!

      • George: I hate when teenage boys forget their armpits can stink. Here's a message to all of you teen boys out there, deodorant!

      • Male Mexican: What city in Mexico are you from?
        George: Los Angeles!

      • George: I have no idea why parents say "crap" is a bad word. I said it all the time when I was a kid. See? Crap. Crap. Crappity crap!

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