George Lopez

Season 1 Episode 2

Curious George

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 03, 2002 on ABC
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George worries about Carmen when she brings a boy home for the first time. He persuades Max to spy on them, but despite finding no impropriety, George threatens Duncan, embarrassing Carmen. Later, George replies to instant messages on Carmen's computer, pretending to be her. Although this infuriates both Carmen and Angie when they find out, George then goes to a party and further humiliates Carmen with his over-protectiveness. Finally, Carmen sadly ends the relationship with Duncan, not because of her father, but because Duncan tried to pressure her into having sex too soon. Carmen forgives George, who realizes that she is more responsible than he thought.moreless

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  • I've seen this one so many times

    "Curious George" was the second episode of the great sitcom, "George Lopez". It was all about when Carmen gets a boyfriend, Duncan. George and Angie are both nervous about Carmen and Duncan, and what they might do when alone. George is the most concerned. After Carmen is alone with Duncan and they don't do anything, "just friends", Angie trusts her enough to left her be alone with Duncan. George is still skeptical about letting them date. After Carmen SAYS she's going to the movies, she goes to a party with Duncan. George finds out... and no spoilers... It was funny and awesome.moreless

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    • Carmen: (with flaming red highlights) How's my hair look?
      George: Like you fell asleep in ketchup.

    • (Carmen walks off with Duncan)
      Benny: She'll be pregnant within the week.

    • George: Why do you always have to kick people when they're down mom? You know, you never have anything good to say!
      Benny: You're right. We should be celebrating. You're gonna be a grandpa!
      George: You're way off mom. Angie and I talked about it, they were just studying.
      Benny: Just studying, right. Like when you were 14 and you went into the bathroom to study the Sears catalog?

    • George: Even after I got out of the house you tried to keep me away from girls. Remember Sylvia at work?
      Benny: Sylvia? She was a slut.
      George: I know!

    • George: (sees Carmen and Benny laying on lawn chairs with hair nets on their heads) Ah, I love this exhibit. Lunch lady of the past, and lunch lady of the future!

    • George: Mom, can you talk to me before you started painting my kids?
      Benny: You know when you were 13 and you shaved your head? Now we're even!
      George: Mom, the school made me shave my head. I had lice!
      Benny: You didn't have lice! You were a thinker so you scratched your head a lot!

    • George: I'd shake his hand, but I think that's what's keeping his pants up.

    • George: When you're sleeping in your little racecar bed, I'm watching you. Pop quiz! What am I doing right now Duncan?
      Duncan: Watching me sir?

    • Benny: (gasps) It's a condom!
      George: Mom, that's a wetnap!

    • George: Angie! That kid came in here with his pants half off. If he trips, they could have sex by accident!

    • Ernie: (at teenage party) Ok, who's got a hot single mom?
      (all kids raise hand)
      Ernie: I said hot.
      (kids put hands down)

    • (George runs in on Carmen and Duncan studying)
      Carmen: Dad, what are you doing?
      George: I'm just making sure everyone has a pair of pants, and they're on. Ok, this room's good!

    • George: Max, do you remember when you got in trouble for spying on your sister?
      Max: Yeah, you said it was wrong.
      George: Well son, as you get older you're going to find out that the line between right and wrong is going to move around alot. Go spy on your sister.
      Max: What should I look for?
      George: If they do anything bad like, swearing or stealing, or anything that makes you feel happy in a way you don't understand.

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