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Charlie Sheen on George Lopez Tonight Show

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    I was totally looking forward to hearing what Charlie Sheen had to say but George cut him off by saying his show was not a talk show. Charlie just said, "It's not a talk show? George said, No...it is not a talk show. I WAS TRULY DISAPPPOINTED. I wanted to know more about what is going on in Charlie's life.

    Martin Sheen was born in Mexico City. His passport says Ramon Esteves which is his real name. He used the name Sheen because his is Catholic and liked Bishop Sheen. He has three sons and a daughter by the names of Ramon, Carlos, Emilio, and the girl's name is Rene.

    Charlie Sheen almost died from an over dose of using drugs. Plus he loves to drink a lot. He has his problems but his father Martin Sheen keeps an eye on him.

    One time Martin Sheen had to call the police to say that Charlie had broken his probation and that saved Charlie's life because he was sent back to rehabilitation.

    I truly enjoy hearing about the Sheen/Esteves family. Too bad that George didn't let Charlie speak his mind.

    George says he is not a talk show host but he spends a lot of time talking to celebrities on his show. I think he could become the Mexican Opra show.

    I truly enjoy watching his show. But I think that George needs to let go of the schedule that he has planned and just FLOW WITH THE SHOW. He seems too controling.

    Hey George... please go with the flow of the show and don't try to be too controling. You can always edit out what you don't like about the show later. LaLucibell

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