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whats with Vic?

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    One thing that bothers me about this show, why does Vic constantly talk down to George and act like he's not good enough for Angie? I could understand it if George was a total goofball like Ray Barone, but that is not the case.

    Sure, George grew up with a bad situation (runaway father and mediocre-at-best mother) as well as dyslexia, but I would say he ended up doing pretty good for himself. He manages a factory despite all that, and not to mention he is also a honest, hard-working individual who will tell it like it is and not try to hide facts when something is going on like Ray Barone does.

    Sure, George has his faults but who doesn't? Nobody is perfect. Is it just the "rich father who wants his daughter to marry a doctor/lawyer" syndrome?
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    Before George married Angie, Angie was dating a rich man, someone who Vic knew would amount to more than George. Vic is disappointed that Angie didn't marry him instead of George.

    And, George is definately a big goofball, there's no way to deny that. Sure, he's not goofy in the same way as Ray Barone, but, he's a goofball, none the less. But, Vic, as a rich man, wanted Angie to marry another rich man so she could have a very happy and fulfilling life, where she still got whatever she wanted even if she is leaving home, where she and her sister were very spoiled, which is why Vic was happy about Angie's sister's marriage to a rich man. Even though George does manage a part of a factory, he dreamed of his daughter having more in her adulthood, and he thinks that Angie may be having some slight unsatisfaction in her marriage to George, even though she also appears happy. So, he is also anxious for her to realize that she could do better than George, even though she completely realizes that George is perfect for her in every way, George changed her in that way, and throughout the series, Vic is disappointed and confused by all of those changes. He's disappointed and confused because this is not the way his baby girl Angie used to be.
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    I posted this EXACT same thread with the EXACT same message on IMDb... did you have the same concerns or did you just feel like copying my post and posting it here?
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