George Lopez

Season 6 Episode 18

George Decides to Sta-Local Where It's Familia

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on ABC

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  • yawn. (spoiler alerts)

    george lopez was a great and funny show. but i was highly dissapointed by this episode. the episode before this was great. jack tell's george that they are moving the plant. well in the last episode george has the option of either staying home or going to mexico for a pay raise with the company. while watching this episode i was hoping george would stay. george decides to stay so him and all the other employes (and benny) lock them selves in the plant. well this i like. even angie and max comes over to support george. while everyone is asleep george is in his officer talking with the guy who is buying the plant. the guy just gives up and lets george own the place. this i did not like. don't get my wrong im glad george stay's. but that easly? beny enters george office and george does the usual and insults her she insults him you know the usual. but in the back round angie is just sleeping.

    this episode ended me dissapointed and wanting more (and carmen wasn't even in the last episode!!!!!)